Andrea Rossi and his e-cat invention are finally getting some much deserved media attention. Not enough, considering the huge numbers of American reporters and TV cameras that were able to find their way to an obscure Italian town for the Amanda Knox circus but not to an event kids will probably be reading about in history textbooks someday.

The technology media has noticed it Computerworld’s website contains a very interesting article by Mark Gibbs. Unlike most media observers Gibbs’ grasps the importance of e-cat and cold fusion. He only mentions Rossi and AmpEnergo and doesn’t mention other cold fusion efforts like those at Brillouin and Defkalion which also seem to showing results.

Gibbs’ predicts Rossi’s invention will spark an overnight revolution. That is probably far too optimistic. It will probably take several years for e-cats to become available to the general public in some form. Yes, they would revolutionize energy but such transformations will take years, particularly if safety concerns appear.

Rossi in his 1MW E-cat generator

He does make some interesting observations though, pointing out that e-cat could be used to power Stirling engines that are powered by hot air. This could be promising the national gas company in Britain is currently marketing a furnace that uses a Stirling engine to make both electricity and heat. That could easily be adapted for an e-cat.

Another interesting point Gibbs makes is that e-cats could presumably used to power a lot of business processes including data centers. That would mean a lot of companies would be able to operate without the power grid. That will have some interesting implications for utilities especially government owned ones.

Gibbs’ article does mention Guiseppe Levi, and contains speculation that AmpEnergo is somehow involved in the October 28 test. Nice to see that Rossi is getting some much deserved attention. The only question is how do we get the mainstream media to notice him?

There are also some youtube videos of Rossi and his latest e-cat experiment floating around. One of them is displayed above, unfortunately it’s in Italian which is fun to listen to even if I can’t understand a word of it.