Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is undergoing extended testing in the United States, the inventor revealed. Rossi didn’t say where in the USA the testing was being done or who was conducting the tests. He did state that no information about the tests will be released until they are completed. Three e-cat units were shipped to the U.S. in April.

Andrea Rossi in Boston 2011 courtesy Boston Globe

Extensive changes and improvements to the e-cat technology will be undertaken during this testing. That means whoever has purchased the e-cat the mysterious partner Rossi has discussed in the past might have taken the technology away from Rossi and turned it over to somebody else to experiment with.

Rossi did that state the organization conducting the tests will make all future communications with the press about them. He also admitted that new information might be forthcoming from his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog.  Rossi also stated that his organization will reveal the scientific effect behind LENR to the public.

That means somebody with a lot of money and resources believes Rossi has made an important discovery but doesn’t trust him to research it. His statements indicate that his partners may understand the scientific effect behind LENR and are working to harness it.

Intriguingly Rossi noted that he believes e-cat is a paradox similar to Schroedinger’s cat. A classic physics conundrum designed to explain paradoxes. So Rossi admits there’s a paradox involved and one that he cannot answer.

Interestingly enough observers of Defkalaion’s experiments have made a similar statement. It looks like LENR might be far more complex than we thought. Oil Price writer Brian Westenhaus speculated that Rossi is being silenced or at least kept out of public sight by a “large corporate partner.” He believes the corporate partner is taking the action in order to keep Rossi out of the limelight in order to dampen skepticism.


Westenhaus also pointed out a valuable e resource about LENR. He noted that large amounts of data about LENR can be accessed through the University of Missouri’s MOspace website. This information presumably comes from the Sidney Kimmel Institute for a Nuclear Renaissance which is now conducting LENR research at the school.

It looks like some interesting things are happening behind the scenes at Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. Hopefully they mean that a working LENR device based on the e-cat technology is almost here.