In posts at his blog Andrea Ross is now claiming that his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device is now capable of continuously generating temperatures of around 600 degrees Celsius for long periods of time. Specifically on May 17 Rossi stated that his 600 degree reactor had been up and running for up twenty days.

If this is true it now means that Rossi is capable of generating the temperatures necessary to make steam on a continuous basis. That means it should be theoretically possible to use the ecat to generate steam to turn a turbine. The turbine could be used to make electricity or to run vehicles or industrial devices.

Turbine under construction at Siemens in Germany

Unfortunately there is no verification for these claims only statements that Rossi has been making on his blog and to Brian Josephson. Still this is very exciting news. Hopefully Rossi’s next step will be to use this to see if he can run the steam turbine that Siemens has reportedly provided him with an ecat. If he can do that Rossi has a viable power source.

Rossi has also promised to make what he calls “important information” regarding the high temperature reactor available in the future. Unfortunately he did not provide a specific date for this revelation.

That would enable power companies to replace coal, oil or natural gas fired boilers in power plants with LENR. Such turbine technology could also be used in a wide range of vehicles including ships, locomotives and even cars.

In addition to steam turbines LENR devices that generate that kind of temperature could also be used to operate Stirling engines which use hot air instead of steam to turn turbines. A long term application of such power could be for some sort of jet engine.

Obviously one use of this technology would be for a home device that could use an ecat to generate electricity, heat and hot water for home use. The video here shows something like that except its running on wood and propane so it’s obviously not that cost effective.

Obviously it is time for Rossi to reveal his device and show the world what exactly he is doing. If he really has want he claims Mr. Rossi is sitting on a gold mine and a device that can change the world. This news should attract some serious venture capital to Rossi’s work and push it to the next level. If Ross is willing to reveal what’s he doing.