There are a number of indications that Andrea Rossi is working closely with Swedish utilities. A report published at the E-Cat World blog claims that Elsforsk a research and development organization operated by a group of Swedish utilities has budgeted two million Swedish Krona (around $302,000 US Dollars or 230,000 Euros) to pay for testing of Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction device over the next three years.

Bioenergy Central Plant in Sweden

The same report states that Elsforsk has already spent around 200,000 Krona (23,000 Euros or $30,000 US) studying ecat. No results are mentioned and I cannot verify these claims because the PDF of the report posted at E-Cat World is in Swedish a language I cannot read.

On his blog Rossi stated that his Northern European partner HydroFusion which is based in Stockholm will organize local production of plants for central heating. In Sweden, many utilities operate centralized steam plants that provide heat for entire communities. Rossi apparently believes that ecat can be used to power such facilities.

Old Picture of Rossi's industrial ecat unit

Rossi has stated that he would like to create a demonstration plant in Sweden to test ecat in central heating. If so that means he and his team believe the ecat can produce enough steam for practical heating purposes. The industrial ecat which Rossi claims will be shipped on April 30 might be going to Sweden for those purposes.

Rossi said his partner is a USA company but that his short term development efforts are centered in Sweden. He denied claims that political instability in Italy is delaying a third party report of ecat. Instead he said that the third party study which he says will be realized on April 30 is being funded by the USA company. Rossi didn’t say if the USA company was AmpEnergo which was revealed to be partner two years ago.

I have to wonder if Elsforsk is not behind the study Rossi has been talking about. It is well known that two Swedish physics professors Hanno Essen and Swen Kullander who are involved in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences have examined the ecat and supported some of Rossi’s claims. It’s not known if these two are involved with Elsforsk or not.

Nor is it known if Elsforsk’s efforts are related to those of the Defense Material Agency or FMW. The FMW which develops new technologies for Sweden’s military has also been doing research into nickel hydrogen cold fusion processes similar to those Rossi is employing. The relationship between the FMW and its American counterpart the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is not clear. Some internet rumors claim that DARPA is also interested in ecat and Rossi.

Some of these questions might be answered on April 30, next Tuesday. Rossi has stated that the ecat Report will be published on that date and new pictures of his technology will be released to the public presumably through one of his official websites. Stayed tune folks it looks like some interesting events might occur next week.