Rossi posts regular updates at his blog

Andrea Rossi has revealed more details about the planned test of the 1 megawatt e-cat cold fusion unit in the United States in a series of posts on his blog. As usual, Dr. Rossi is vague but he does give out some information.


New information revealed by Rossi includes:

• The test will begin in the last week of October

• The test will last for about two months.

• The other scientists who attend the test will have full access to everything except the reactor.

• Rossi may set up an operation in California, he does not say where in California, but it could be Silicon Valley outside San Jose where the US technology industry is centered.

• Pictures of what Rossi calls the “plant” (presumably the e-cat generator) will be published by the end of September Rossi did not say where the pictures would be published.

• Rossi said he is working and living full time in the US and only returns to Italy for holidays and to do research and development at the University of Bologna. Rossi lives in Miami and has a workshop there.

• Rossi admitted that the energy-catalyzer is not generating electricity yet but he is working on it.

• He stated: “We do not produce electric power, so far, but heat.”

• Rossi said he has a contract with an unidentified buyer to deliver the e-cat in October.

• Rossi also noted that he has been researching cold fusion since 1990 and that he got a burst of energy in 1998. He does not describe what this was.