Pure Energy Systems is reporting that third party test results verifying Andrea Rossi’s claims that his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device has generated temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius exist. The results apparently verify claims leaked earlier this month by Domenico Fioravanti a colonel and military engineer who was working with Rossi. Fiorvanti was apparently present at the test in July 16.

Andrea Rossi testing an ecat core date unknown

If these claims are true it means that Rossi’s ecat is capable are generating temperatures hot enough to create steam. It would also mean that Rossi has a stable LENR device capable of generating high temperatures. That means it could be used for a wide variety of industrial and other purposes such as waste disposal.

The problem is that Pure Energy Systems and Rossi are refusing to reveal the test results or the third party’s identity to the public. Therefore these reports are merely hearsay. There is also a report that the results will be released by University of Bologna perhaps as early as October.

Sergio Focardi Watches Rossi testing an earlier version of ecat

That would seem to indicate that Sergio Focardi and Giuseppe Levi both of whom are retired from the University of Bologna are conducting the tests. Since Rossi apparently now lives and works in Miami Beach and the ecat testing is being done in Bologna this would seem to indicate that somebody else perhaps Focardi is running the show there.

There is also a possibility that Rossi will reveal the results or at least some data from them at his Energy Change with E-cat Technology event for licensees in Zurich, Switzerland on September 8 and 9.

What appears to be the patent for Francesco Celani’s nickel hydrogen LENR device has been posted online. The patent describes the design of his device and some of its operations. The patent can be viewed at this website and downloaded as a PDF.

Another LENR pioneer Edmond Storms has explained his theory for LENR or the nuclear active environment theory. The explanation has been placed on youtube and I’ve posted it above for you to take a look at. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet because of my workload.