A Russian physicist named Alexander G. Parkhomov had a very nasty Christmas surprise for Andrea Rossi this year. On December 25, Parkhomov published a report in which he claims to have replicated Andrea Rossi’s hot e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology.

Alexander G. Parkhomov

It’s hard to judge the validity of this because the report is published in Russian. The E-cat world website site claims that Parkhomov used the data about ecat contained in the report of the Lugano e-cat test earlier this year. Parkhomov built a closed metal vessel that apparently uses a nickel hydrogen reaction similar to Rossi’s to heat water to the point of vaporization. It that’s true it means the device could operate a steam engine or turbine.

The device apparently creates more energy that it takes in. Parkhomov claims he generated temperatures of 1,200 centigrade for eight minutes with the device. He couldn’t maintain the temperature but the device required 300 to 500 watts of electricity. E-cat World claims the device produced a coefficient of power (COP) of 2.58 or it put out 2.58 times more power than it generated.

An image and diagram of Alexander G. Parkhomov's LENR reactor

It isn’t clear if Parkhomov has been able to replicate Rossi’s catalyst or secret sauce yet. Rossi claims he has a secret catalyst that facilitates the reaction in the e-cat. It should be also noted here that Parkhomov might have come up with something on his own that’s similar to e-cat.

Since the translation is lousy I really don’t know what to say about this.  Parkhomov apparently works at the People’s Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. The People’s Friendship University of Russia is ranked as the third best university in Russia by that nation’s Ministry of Education. It was apparently set up to educate foreign students during the Cold War. Notable alumni include the current presidents of Honduras, the Central African Republic and Namibia, PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas and Illich Ramirez Sanchez the notorious terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal.

This is apparently a shot of Parkhomov's version of the hot e-cat.

It should be noted here that the date of publication on Christmas Day is apparently a coincidence. Since the Russian people are Orthodox Christians they celebrate Christmas on January 7 and not December 25 like Protestants and Catholics do.

If true this is exciting news because it verifies some of Rossi’s claims about ecat and LENR. It shows LENR is easy to replicate which will make it harder for Rossi to patent it.