There is a little happening in the world of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) and energy that we should be aware of. Some of the news stories of note include:

  • Ecat creator Andrea Rossi admitted he had surgery in April but did not say for what. When a reader named Miriam asked the inventor about three surgeries he received in April. Rossi replied: “Thank you for your concern. I am perfectly healed: I won this fight. Warm Regards,” on his blog.

  • Rossi does not consider his latest ecat model the QuarkX a “real thing.”


  • When sceptic guy asked: “Mr Rossi: Do you agree that until you make a presentation with a test as credible as the Lugano test the QuarkX cannot be considered a real thing?”


  • Rossi replied: “Sceptic Guy: I agree.”

  • The QuarkX has been in operation for around a year. On May 26, Rossi wrote: “During this period has worked at least 300 days 24/7. Warm Regards.” In a response to a correspondent named Andrea Moratitis.


  • A team of researchers from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is apparently in the Czech Republic testing an LENR device called AURA. A video posted on the Project’s Facebook page indicates that the team has found it did not develop produce excess heat on May 27, 2017. The device apparently produces steam but it was apparently poorly insulated.

The AURA courtesy Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

  • The AURA was apparently created by an inventor that wants to remain anonymous.


  • The Trump administration might be changing its mind about coal. One of President Trump’s closest advisors Gary D. Cohn may have relaunched the war on coal.


  • Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock,” Cohn said to reporters on Air Force One. Cohn is the former chief operating officer of the powerful investment bank Goldman Sachs and Director of the National Economic Council. CNN Money reported that Cohn also praised green energy.

  • “If you think about how solar and how much wind power we’ve created in the United States, we can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally friendly,” Cohn said.


  • The comments might indicate that Trump is about to dump coal and endorse green energy. It might be no coincidence that the President has spent some time with one of the biggest clean-energy advocates around Elon Musk in recent months.

  • More electric vehicles are coming in addition to Tesla’s electric semitruck, a battery powered Jaguar SUV called the I-Pace has been spotted racing around a Grand Prix track in Monaco. News stories indicate that Jaguar owner Tata Motors intends to put the I-Pace into production next year. Some news stories indicate that Musk prepares to begin production of his Tesla Model 3 this year.

It looks as if big changes in energy are coming; one has to wonder what we will learn about LENR and clean energy next.