A well respected researcher is claiming that he has replicated some of the results that Andrea Rossi is getting from his e-cat cold fusion device. This could be an important development because it could verify Rossi’s claims and silence some of his many skeptics.

Dr. George H. Miley, courtesy of CFEI Inc.

Dr. George H. Miley a nuclear engineering professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Tsingua University in Beijing. Miley built a device he calls the Nuclear Battery Using D-clusters in Nano Materials that used light water and nickel to produce a reaction. The Next Big Future Blog is reporting that persons attending the World Green Energy Symposium in Philadelphia where Miley was a speaker reported the device generated 300 watts of thermal power without energy input. Unfortunately there has been no evidence to verify the claim.

If you’re interested in the science you can go over this 56 page Power Point presentation detailing it. The Next Big Future reports that Miley’s work is based upon work by James Patterson.

Power Point Slide detailing Miley's LENR Power Cell Courtesy of Next Big Future

George H. Miley is an associate professor of nuclear and electrical engineering. He works in the fusion studies lab and the fuel cell lab at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. The E-cat Site reports that Miley formerly tried to develop fusion as a power source for rockets and space planes.

Miley is listed as a member of Cold Fusion Energy Inc., a company that describes itself as a consortium of scientists involved in cold fusion research. The group is working to develop cold fusion as a viable energy source and commercialize it. Miley spoke on behalf of CFEI at the World Green Energy Symposium. Francessco Piantelli who helped with the research that Rossi’s work is based upon is listed as member of the group. Piantelli is pursuing his own research in Italy and is reportedly attempting to commercialize his process. No word on whether he had anything to do with Miley’s work.

It is not clear whether Miley has applied for a patent on his work or not or whether his announcement is related to CFEI’s recent formation. It does not appear to be a coincidence though. Nor is it a coincidence that he made his announcement as Andrea Rossi is preparing for another major e-cat test on October 28.

Something else to wonder about is who is financing Miley’s work. Given it’s nature it is probably NASA or the US Navy both of which have reportedly shown a great deal of interest in cold fusion. Over at the Renewable Energy World Blog Thomas Blakeslee is reporting that Paul D. Swanson who is described as a Space and Naval Warfare Systems Expert with the US Navy attended Rossi’s October 6 e-cat test in Bologna, Italy.