There are a number of good reasons why we should take inventor Andrea Rossi and his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology seriously. These reasons will not convince the cold fusion skeptics but they should give those of us who have open minds some food for thought.

Sergio Focardi

Reasons why we should take Andrea Rossi and ecat seriously include:

  • The involvement of the late Sergio Focardi in the development of ecat. Focardi a physics professor at the University of Bologna worked closely with Francesco Piantelli to develop one of the early nickel hydrogen LENR processes. Focardi was a serious scientist who was willing to put his reputation on the line for LENR.


  • Those scientists who actually bothered to take a look at ecat came away convinced that Rossi was onto something. This included Guiseppe Levi, Hanno Essen, Sven Kullander, Nobel Prize Winner Brian Josephson and Francessco Celani.
  • Francesco Celani was able to duplicate some of Rossi’s work and create a working LENR device that he was able to demonstrate publicly after examining an early ecat test. Since then a number of companies and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been able to duplicate some of Celani’s work.

Francesco Celania and his Celani Cell LENR device at the 2012 NIWeek Conference in Austin Texas

  • Defkalion was able to replicate some of Andrea Rossi’s work and make claims similar to Rossi’s after examining ecat. It isn’t clear if they stole Rossi’s work or not but he claims they have.


  • The interest in cold fusion from a number of governments around the world. Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI told Sterling D. Allen of Pure Energy Systems that he has tested several LENR devices for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) the US military’s main research organization. McKubre didn’t say whether he had tested ecat or not.


  • The fact that Rossi is paranoid about having his technology stolen. Why would Rossi be scared of thefts if the technology was a fraud? Rossi seems to be frightened that others will steal his technology and commercialize it. This paranoia seems to explain some of Rossi’s statements and actions. His claims about factories that don’t seem to exist might have been an effort to befuddle rivals or potential thieves.


  • The interest in ecat from investors in particular Cherokee Investment Partners of North Carolina which spent $11 million to buy the ecat technology through its Industrial Heat LLC subsidiary. Industrial Heat even put out a press release stating that it now owns ecat. There’s no way that company like Cherokee would invest that kind of money in ecat if didn’t think the technology had potential.

One of Rossi's ecat Units being prepared for shipment in Italy

  • The fact that none of the ecat skeptics has ever presented any viable evidence that ecat does not work. The skeptics’ main accusation against Rossi is that he has not verified his claims we should hold them to the same standard. Most of them admit that they have not examined the device. Since none of these people have actually examined their device any statement they make is pure hypothesis and should be treated accordingly.


One final thought here, we need to take Andrea Rossi the inventor seriously even if we have serious doubts about the man. It’s obvious that he’s made a major breakthrough even if he has not been able to commercialize it yet.