Production of batteries has begun at Elon Musk’s gigantic Gigafactory in Northern Nevada. Bloomberg reported that the $5 billion factory is already churning out Powerwall home batteries.

The factory will turn nickel, cobalt, aluminum, lithium and silicon into the batteries for the half million cars; Musk claims Tesla will build by 2018, just two years from now. Currently the factory is only making battery packs for home and commercial use.

The Gigactoary

Construction of the factory; which is only 14% complete, is still going on. Even though work is far from done, Tesla is planning a grand opening for July 29. The gigagfactory’s pod line which produces the battery packs for Tesla Energy could be a model for the factory that Andrea Rossi hopes to set up in Sweden.

Not to be outdone; Tesla’s competitor Volkswagen, is reportedly planning to build its own Gigafactory in Salzgitter, Germany. Volkswagen’s factory will reportedly be larger than Tesla’s and costlier, Volkswagen plans to spend $11 billion on its facility, Tesla’s will cost $5 billion.

The idea behind the gigafactory is to produce enough batteries to store 35 gigawatt hours of electricity and enough power plants to store 50 gigawatt hours of electricity a year. A gigawatt is a measurement that equals one billion watts. That means Volkswagen’s plant could be bigger and more ambitious than Tesla’s.

Ross claims Ecat is making Steam

Speaking of Andrea Rossi, the ecat inventor, recently claimed that his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is capable of creating steam. On May 22, in response to a correspondent called Oystein Lande: Rossi had this to say:

Andrea Rossi

May 22, 2016 at 4:31 PM

Oystein Lande:

It’s ok, thanks for your comprehension.

The circuit was complex, but yes, the steam was superheated.

Warm Regards,


Steam is important because it could be used to run a turbine to generate electricity or move a vehicle. Obviously there’s no proof to such claims but they are interesting.

An interesting problem that Rossi might be facing is that the steam is simply too hot. E-cat World’s Frank Acland speculated that such steam could be dry, which means Rossi might not be able to run a turbine with it. Another problem could be that the ecat is not capable of making steam on a constant basis.

One has to wonder if Rossi is running a turbine and making electricity. If he is, we have to wonder, why Industrial Heat is suing him.