Siena in Italy's Tuscany

Some of the biggest names in the world of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction are scheduled to be giving presentations at a conference in Siena, Italy. Francesco Celani, Peter Hagelstein and Francessco Piantelli are listed as presenters at the Tenth Annual International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen-Loaded Metals scheduled to be held in Siena, Italy from April 10-14.

This could be an important development because Piantelli did much of the work on which Andrea Rossi’s ecat LENR process is supposedly based. Piantelli developed that nickel hydrogen process with help from Sergio Focardi who is now working with Rossi. Piantelli has founded his own company called Nichenergy to commercialize his process but not much is known about that effort.

Celani has claimed to have achieved an LENR reaction similar to Rossi’s in the past. Rosi has stated that he regards Celani as a competitor. Celani also participated in a cold fusion conference at CERN last month. Hagelstein who works at MIT has held cold fusion demonstrations at that school in conjunction with JET Energy.

Peter L. Hagelstein

All three men are part of Cold Fusion Energy Inc. which is described as a consortium of scientists dedicated to the commercialization of cold fusion. The conference is apparently not associated with the consortium even though its members are attending.  Some very interesting developments come out of Siena. Piantelli’s company Nichenergy is a sponsor of the gathering.

Hopefully Piantelli will break his silence and reveal some of his results. Hagelstein and Celani might also have some interesting surprises to spring upon us.