Not much news is coming out of the world of cold fusion besides the announcement that Hydro Fusion would like to have a utility test Andrea Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction or (LENR) device in Sweden. Rossi’s publication of limited ecat test results has spurred a lot of controversy and reaction but what are his various competitors up to?


Assembly of a new LENR device the Mizuno Cell at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

I looked around the web and found that Brillouin, Defkalion, and Nichenergy haven’t made any new announcements lately. None of these companies seem to have the level of progress Andrea Rossi has or at least haven’t announced it.

New LENR Network in Operation

Kressen Ltd which is working to commercialize Francessco Celani’s LENR process has entered into a partnership with an organization called LENR Cities. This seems to be an effort to create an open sourced community dedicated to commercializing LENR on the web. The idea is to network as many LENR investors and innovators as possible to create LENR technologies. It also works with a sensor company called Smart and Secure Way that’s creating next generation monitoring and control systems that would work over the cloud.

This effort is interesting although it seems to duplicate some of the work of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project which is working to commercialize and improve Celani’s LENR cell. The Fleischmann Project has expanded its efforts to include a second LENR process based on the work of Japanese chemist Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno. Efforts sponsored by French scientists Jean-Paul Biberian and Pierre Clauzon are being to build a Mizuno cell and start testing it. Clauzon and Biberian will be conducting the tests in France. Results will be posted on the Fleischmann Project’s website. The site’s posts indicate that testing on the Mizuno cell is about to begin.

The Hunt Utilities Group or HUG which is building and testing a Celani cell in Minnesota has added two interns to its team. HUG’s research is also designed at creating a commercially viable energy source based on Celani’s Nickel and Hydrogen LENR cell.

From the posts on the Fleischmann Project blog it sounds as if the HUG team wants to demonstrate their version of a Celani Cell at the International Conference on Cold Fusion or ICCF which is scheduled for July 21-27 at the University of Missouri at Columbia. Last year’s ICCF in Korea featured a Celani cell. Defkalion has also promised to demonstrate a device there.

Big Names at ICCF

LENR devices won’t be the only exciting aspects to the ICCF. The keynote speakers should provide some interesting food for thought.

The big name scheduled to attend is Dr. James Truchard the CEO of National Instruments. Dr. T has long been an unspoken proponent of LENR. The other speaker is Dr. David A. Kidwell of the Naval Research Laboratory. His presence at ICCF seems to indicate that the US Navy is still involved in LENR research. Kidwell’s expertise includes the creation of instruments and software for the study of LENR.


Dr. David Kidwell

His online biography indicates that Kidwell’s devices have detected results in LENR processes that cannot be explained by conventional chemistry. Kidwell is a real genius who holds 17 patents, and has published over 80 technical papers.

It sounds like it’s going to be an exciting summer for LENR hopefully we’ll get more big news from Rossi and his competitors. One has to wonder what other surprises we’re about to get as ICCF approaches.