A company in Pine River, Minnesota, has built a copy of Francesco Celani’s low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device and is conducting research with it. The research effort is part of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project a wide spread effort to disseminate Celani’s technology but there is no indication they have any connection with the late Dr. Fleischmann or Stanley Pons.

The purpose of the research at the Hunt Utilities Group is to duplicate Francesco Celani’s nickel hydrogen LENR process and measure it. From a video posted online it appears that Hunt Utilities is owned and operated by Paul Hunt. The family business appears to have a very well equipped machine shop and some very impressive equipment including an electron microscope.

The video shows a working copy of the Celani reactor and equipment designed to measure it. Malachi Heider an electro chemical engineer and intern at Hunt Utilities shown on the video stated that he and his colleagues will soon be conducting measurements of 5 kilowatt tests of the device.

Hunt Utilities is apparently working closely with Celani himself, Malachi said Celani was sending specially treated Celani to them. This wire apparently heats up the reactor and creates the Nickel and Hydrogen reaction. Celani is working with at least other company the British startup Kresenn which intends to use the device to power data centers. There is no indication that there is any connection between Hunt and Kresenn.

Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) is dedicated to creating technologies that will support sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Their goals include building affordable housing, heating and cooling without fuels and processing water and waste. Their main goal appears to be creating resilient communities and preparing for peak oil.

HUG has a 70 acre campus in the small town of Pine River, Minnesota. A video they’ve posted online shows a very impressive machine shop and research facilities. The company appears to be developing a number of technologies there including HUGnet Lab a data acquisition system for laboratories.  This system enables them to monitor energy usage in their labs from any computer.

I must say that I am impressed by Hunt Utilities and their capabilities. They look like they know what they’re doing and have the resources to develop a working LENR device. More importantly they can test it. They also seem to have the experience needed to develop practical applications of the Celani LENR technology such as home heating and electricity generation.

Paul Hunt owner of HUG

From what I’ve seen of the HUG efforts it looks like LENR is going to be very easy to duplicate. HUG looks like a small town machine shop with some computer and electronics capacities. If they can duplicate Celani’s efforts so can almost any determined backyard inventor out in the garage. With all those inventors working on this there’s no telling what they’ll create. Remember what happened when backyard inventors like Steve Jobs took computer science into the garage they revolutionized the world and created one of the biggest economic booms in history.

From the looks of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and the work at Hunt Utilities Group  it appears that we are really on the verge of a cold fusion revolution. Backyard inventors with relatively modest resources now have the capability to conduct advanced nuclear research. Sooner or later one of these people or more likely several of them will get an LENR device that can serve as a practical power source up and running.

When that happens not only will sustainable power will be widely available. A major economic boom rivaling or even exceeding the technology and internet booms of the 1990s will occur. That may not be what the Hunts but it will happen.