The United States Congress is investigating the US Defense Department’s work on low energy nuclear reaction (LENR).

Popular Mechanics reported that the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives (the lower chamber of Congress) has requested a briefing on the Pentagon’s LENR research. The briefing from the US Secretary of Defense is supposed to take place September 22, 2016. The Committee is apparently interested in work that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA); and the US Navy reportedly did on LENR.

This could be important because it is the House that allocates funds to government agencies and sets policy in the United States. An intriguing aspect is that the Committee could be investigating possible connections between DARPA and Andrea Rossi or Industrial Heat. One has to wonder if DARPA or the Navy was financing Rossi’s work on his ecat technology. Such work could come to light as a result of Rossi’s recent lawsuit against Industrial Heat.

Key Hyperloop Technology Demonstrated

One of the key technologies behind the Hyperloop was publicly tested and demonstrated in Nevada for the first time last week. Hyperloop Technologies; now called Hyperloop One, publicly tested the electromagnetic technology for its system in North Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday, May 11.

Theor POAT demonstrated the system that will push the Hyperloop trains forward. Hyperloop One also announced alliances with some major companies including Germany’s national rail operator; the Deutsch Bahn and the publicly traded American engineering company AECOM (NYSE: ACM).

The venture capital funded Hyperloop One could serve as a model for an effort to bring LENR to reality. Hyperloop One’s Hyperloop Global Challenge, an effort to pick a site for a Hyperloop line, its alliances with companies like AECOM and Elon Musk’s challenge to develop Hyperloop vehicles could serve as models for similar challenges for LENR.

Perhaps we need a global LENR challenge to develop a working LENR device. Whether such a challenge would pay is debatable, because the engineering and principles behind Hyperloop are sound even though it has not been demonstrated. LENR has been demonstrated but nobody is sure of the science behind it.

One thing is certain, Congressional interest could help kickstart LENR research in the USA, particularly if the House can be persuaded to disperse some funds for LENR. The field needs all the money and interest it can get.