The reason for the US military’s reported interest in Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer is quite clear. The brass in the Pentagon thinks that a major oil shortage is imminent and they need a means of dealing with it. The energy catalyzer could be that means.

Ths graph shows how oil discovery and production is falling.

A Joint Operating Environment Report from the US Joint Forces Command states that the world’s oil surplus could disappear next year in 2012, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports. The same document states that world could face a shortage of 10 million barrels of oil a day by 2015. US General James N. Mattis signed his name to a statement to that effect according to the Guardian.

This means that America’s military commanders believe that Peak Oil is here now. Peak Oil is the hypothesis that sooner or later the supply of easy to tap oil will run out and cause a major energy shortage. America’s political leadership has been ignoring it for a long time but the military brass obviously hasn’t. They are apparently preparing for the threat by looking into alternative energy technologies.

A Graph showing Peak Oil it could be here next year.

The generals and admirals are doing this because they need to keep the ships, the planes and the tanks running even if the oil is not there. President Obama’s willingness to tap America’s strategic oil reserve just to keep up his approval ratings shows how critical our energy situation could be.

Andrea Rossi has stated that uniformed US Naval officers have visited his facilities and observed the energy catalyzer in action. Craig Cassarino of AmpEnergo told Ny Teknik that an unidentified company is thinking about developing energy catalyzer transport for troops on the battlefield.

The US military’s interest in the energy catalyzer is a good thing because the Pentagon is the one major US government institution relatively immune to political influence. It is also one of the few US government agencies that has a strong commitment to science and technology. More importantly the military has the funds, the resources and the political clout to adopt a new technology like the energy catalyzer on a large scale. The military is also in a position to resist the political pressure that will be brought against the energy catalyzer from both left and right.

The US military has spearheaded the development of new technologies before. It helped develop and popularize the airplane and it invented the internet. The internet was developed as a response to the threat to America’s communications infrastructure by the Soviet Union, it revolutionized the world. The Pentagon could be on the verge of doing the same thing again with another equally revolutionary technology: the Energy Catalyzer.