The rumors of the demise of the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command or SPAWAR’s low energy nuclear reaction research program appear to be greatly exaggerated. The research organization is not only still actively working on cold fusion, it’s been granted an LENR patent.


United States Patent 8,419,919 granted on April 16, 2013 is for a method of applying current to an electrochemical cell for charging. The method utilizes palladium and an electrode dissolved in heavy water. The cathode may contain another metal such as gold that doesn’t absorb deuterium. That sounds like an LENR method.

Our friends at the blog believe the patent is for a benign low energy nuclear reaction process that can transmute radioactive elements into less harmful materials. There’s word on whether this process can used for other purposes such as creating heat that can used for purposes like generating electricity.


Mobile Generator Like Those Used by JWK Corporation

Nor is there any indication that the Navy is attempting to develop an energy source from the device. Although it is hard to believe that an organization as technologically sophisticated as the US Navy would not try to develop new energy sources from LENR. My guess is that the Navy is trying to develop LENR as an energy source for its ships and as replacement for the nuclear reactors used in submarines.

The patent has been assigned or licensed to the JWK International Corporation a company based in Annandale, Virginia, (a Washington suburb near the Pentagon). JWK’s website states that one of its specialties is developing emerging technologies. JWK provides engineering and technical support services to government agencies and other companies. JWK also has offices in Korea, Taiwan and Great Britain.


JWK Corporate Operations in the USA

It mentions that it works with military customers and provides systems integration as well as operations and maintenance. Among other things it builds mobile power and heat systems for the military and other purposes. It even builds mobile lodging and dining facilities. That probably means JWK develops mobile power systems for emergency relief.

So SPAWAR has licensed its LENR patent to a company that develops power systems, very interesting. JWK admits that the Department of Defense is one of its major customers. Other customers include the government of South Korea, the government of Egypt and the government of Taiwan.



So not only does the US Navy have an LENR patent. It has licensed that patent to a company that specializes in developing power systems. I would call that very good news. Particularly if the LENR process can used to make power and get rid of nuclear waste at the same time.