Rossi on the Italian TV Show Voyager

Andrea Rossi now claims to have a secret factory where he is building or planning to build his ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices. Presumably the factory would be used to construct the home LENR heating units he has promised.

Rossi does have one installation in Bologna, Italy, where he does researches and builds the 1 megawatt ecat devices he has been selling. He has claimed to have had a factory in Florida presumably in the Miami area where he lived. Unfortunately no evidence of this location has been found. Last month an environmental specialist from the Florida State Health Department tracked Rossi down in an attempt to ascertain if he was manufacturing radioactive devices in the state or not.

In a series of documents that were posted online by the New Energy Times it was revealed that Rossi’s address in Miami Beach is apparently his apartment. Rossi even told the specialist that all ecat research and production is taking place overseas. The state investigation was prompted by questions raised by somebody named Gary Wright. Call me a cynic but it seems to me that the purpose of this investigation was to locate Rossi’s factory and expose it. Why Wright would want to do that is an interesting question. It could be an attempt by a competitor to locate Rossi’s facility and steal industrial secrets.

Now to increase the confusion Rossi has made this statement to a poster at blog called Scott L.

·  Andrea Rossi

March 19th, 2012 at 7:58 PM

Dear Scott L.:
We have a factory, but for safety and security reasons it is under another name and we will not disclose it until the situation is like the present. What counts for our Customers is that our products work well.
Warm Regards,

So there supposedly is a factory but Rossi will not reveal its location. In the past Rossi has claimed the facility is in the US. Since the US is a pretty big place that’s a lot of ground to cover. That could be an attempt to throw off investigators. So where is the factory and what other name is it operating under? Could it be operated by his partners at AmpEnergo or Hydro Fusion?

Another interesting question that we have to ask here is who owns the factory? Rossi has admitted that he no longer owns the Leonardo Corporation and that it has been sold to a trust of unidentified investors. Do the investors whoever they are own the factory? Is it Siemens the giant German technology company Rossi has been working with on a 45 MW ecat power plant lately?

An interesting possibility is that the plant could be somewhere else in Europe. Perhaps in Italy, Germany or Great Britain or even in Sweden where Hydro Fusion seems to be based? Another probable location is China where much of the world’s industry has been moved to. All we have here are questions and no evidence that there even is a factory.

It will be interesting to see where this will lead. My guess is that our friends at New Energy Times will track this factory down sooner later if it really exists. Or hopefully Rossi will reveal its location.

Artists cocept of the 1 MW ecat plant

One interesting point here is that I don’t see what safety concerns there would be from this factory. It sounds like a pretty routine industrial facility so what danger could it pose to anyone? As for security well anybody capable of Rossi’s industrial secrets would be capable of locating his factory. There are industrial spies, private detectives, journalists, moonlighting government agents and others who would have no problem tracking the place down and infiltrating it.

Once again the whole situation around Andrea Rossi just gets weirder and weirder. Something Rossi told James Stokes an environmental specialists with the Florida Health Department that the ecat does not produce nuclear reactions. If that’s the case it would presumably be very safe. What is the danger Rossi is protecting us from?