With cold fusion technology about to become a reality, I thought it would be a good idea to see exactly who holds patents on it. So I’ve put together a brief rundown of known patent applicants and holders. This list is far from complete because there are probably other patents and applications that we are unaware of.

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Andrea Rossi received an Italian cold fusion patent on his e-cat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device on April 6, 2011. As far as I know this is the only cold fusion patent Dr. Rossi holds, but he has apparently applied for patents in other countries. He has also signed at least two licensing agreements for his technology one of which he has already broken off.

Francesco Piantelli the University of Bologna Physicist whose research with Sergio Focardi led to Rossi’s e-cat has reportedly applied for three Italian patents of his own. Piantelli has formed his own company Nichenergy to commercialize a cold fusion process and is reportedly looking for investors. Piantelli reportedly tried to patent a cold fusion process as early as 1995.

Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Corporation based in the United States was turned down for a patent on his cold fusion device. Like the e-cat, Brillouin’s device is a boiler that produces steam created by cold fusion. Godes applied for intellectual property rights but not a patent on his device as early as 1995.

Defkalion Green Technologies has apparently applied for a patent in Greece. Its’ Hyperion heating system and electric generator was supposed to be powered by Rossi’s e-cat. Rossi has cancelled his licensing agreement with Defkalion and is planning to sue the company. Defkalion is apparently planning to go ahead with Hyperion manufacturing. Its officials claim to have tested cold fusion technology in Greece. It is unclear if Defkalion is using cold fusion and if so what process they are using.

• This website lists a series of other patents for Cold Fusion. Since none of these has led to a working cold fusion device they can probably be safely ignored. It is unclear if these patents are legally binding because patent law is different in different countries.

As it stands now, Andrea Rossi seems to be the only one who has a patent on a working cold fusion process. Brillouin has a process but does not seem to have a patent. Something to remember is that patents are not necessary for commercialization and mass manufacturing.

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Henry Ford did not have a patent on the automobile and Steve Jobs did not invent the personal computer. That did not stop them from successfully commercializing those devices.

Contrary to popular belief, Steve Jobs did not invent the personal computer

If anybody out there knows about any other cold fusion patents or companies or individuals working on Cold Fusion please let us know. This story is much bigger than is widely believed.