Even though most of the attention is focused on Andrea Rossi and his e-cat, there is a lot of cold fusion work going on. Quite a few scientists seem to be keeping it quiet in order to avoid criticism from the scientific establishment and the media. Others are keeping their work under wraps because they want to protect patents and future profits.

A 2009 Defense Analysis Report prepared by the US Defense Intelligence Agency detailed some of this work. Some of the highlights of Cold Fusion work going on around the world include:

• Several groups of scientists in Japan including researchers at the giant companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota are doing laboratory work on Cold Fusion. Researchers at major Japanese universities are also doing work on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. None of this work has apparently produced a working reactor or usable patents.

• A team at the Italian National Agency for New Technologies or ENEA led by Vittorio Violante has conducted LENR experiments.

Cold fusion research was also going on at another Italian company called STMicroelectronics and another organization called Pirelli Labs. These efforts seem to be separate from Rossi and Focardi’s work.

• The Indian government has reportedly restarted its cold fusion research program after 15 years of inactivity.

• Additional research is going on at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. IIS is India’s equivalent of MIT or Stanford.

• The Russian Academy of Sciences in Tomsk and several teams of scientists in Russia are working on various cold fusion projects.

• A scientist named Goryachev at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow (Russia’s main nuclear research facility) was investigating the possibility of using LENR as a power source and to dispose of nuclear waste.

The Kurchatov Institute in Moscow

Cold fusion research is supposedly going on at 20 different institutions in China.

Energetics in Omer, Israel, has done cold fusion research using palladium. It is currently developing another facility in Columbia, Missouri, in the USA.

• A French Scientist named Jean-Paul Biberian is conducting LENR experiments at the Universite Marseille (University of Marseilles).

• Scientists at the Technische Universität Berlin are looking into a cold fusion process that would involve electron screening for deuteron fusion. (This could be a hot fusion process). They appear to be working with scientists in Canada and the Czech Republic.

Francesco Piantelli a former associate of Focardi at the University of Bologna has started a company called Nichenergy to develop his own nickel hydrogen cold fusion process in Italy. Piantelli has applied for at least three patents on his process.

Dr. Dennis Bushnell Chief Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia is apparently doing unspecified research into nickel hydrogen Cold Fusion.

Dennis M. Bushnell

• Unnamed scientists at the Las Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are reportedly testing the cold fusion reactor developed by Robert Godes at Brillouin in Berkley, California.

• Brillouin Energy Corporation has reportedly had a working cold fusion reactor since October, 2010. Brillouin has applied for a US patent but has not been granted one.

This obviously a very incomplete list because there are undoubtedly a lot of other people working on cold fusion out there. Many of them are undoubtedly keeping their work a secret until they have a marketable product.