Andrea Rossi might have other financial backers for his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that we might be unaware of.

The existence of such a backer seems to be revealed by Rossi’s lawsuit against his former partners at Industrial Heat LLC. E-cat World’s Frank Acland pointed out that one of the key witnesses in the case is JM Chemical Products Inc.; the Florida company involved in the e-cat tests that took place in Miami earlier this year.

Test of the Hot E-cat this could be the E-cat Quark X in action.

Acland’s theory is that JM paid for the testing. The tests took place in Miami because Industrial Heat; which was supposed to conduct the tests in North Carolina failed to perform them, Rossi’s lawsuit alleged.

Nobody knows exactly what JM Chemical Products Inc. is; or who is behind it. Although my guess is that it is a front for either Rossi; or his financial backers. A strong possibility is Hydrofusion; the Swedish and British organization that has a license to sell e-cat technology in Northern Europe.

Hydrofusion is helping Rossi setup a factory for ecat production in Sweden, journalist Mats Lewan reported earlier this year. Since Hydrofusion had the money to make a $3 to $5 million offer to buy a factory in May, it certainly had the resources to finance the ecat tests. Acland claimed that JM Chemical Products is owned by an unidentified British company and Hydrofusion is incorporated in Britain even though it is apparently Swedish owned.

My guess is Rossi probably turned to Hydrofusion after Industrial Heat failed to come up with the money to pay for the ecat testing. This of course leads to some interesting questions such as who is funding Hydrofusion.

Back in 2011 Lewan claimed that four Swedish physicists; Magnus Holm, Niclas Sandstrom, Peter La Terra and Stefan Helgesson, owned and operated Hydrofusion. An interesting question here is: where did four physicists get the money to set up a company, conduct the tests and buy a factory.

An artists' conception of what your home e-cat might look like someday.

It looks as if there’s a major new player in the e-cat saga that has not been identified yet. I have feeling we will so know who that player’s identity and its true agenda will soon be revealed.

Rossi’s lawsuit against Hydrofusion and its owner; Tom Darden, is about to get more interesting. A motion filed by Industrial Heat and Cherokee Investment Partners (Darden’s investment fund) indicates that they plan to file more claims against Rossi and third parties during the week of August, 2016, documents posted at E-Cat World indicate.

That means JM or whoever owns it might soon be revealed in federal court in Miami and we might learn who actually owns the ecat.