There has been a sudden burst of activity from nicHenergy the Italian company associated with low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) pioneer Francessco Piantelli. The company’s website has been completely rebuilt and now contains a great deal of English language content about its work.

The White Chamber containing Piantelli's LENR device at nicHenergy's labs in Sienna, Italy.

The site states that nicHenergy’s goal is to conduct research into LENR, Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction (LANR), Chemical Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR) and Cold Fusion. The ultimate objective of that research will be to develop industrial power sources and compact devices that can be used as power sources.

Little is revealed about the state of Piantelli’s work but the site mentions upscaling from watts to kilowatts. That could indicate that Piantelli has a working small scale LENR device that he is trying to develop into a large scale power source much like Andrea Rossi is.

The website does note that nichHenergy has achieved low energy nuclear reactions and built devices that can trigger them without outside power input. It also states that the devices have been operating for months and years which means they can create a sustained reaction although they have not necessary harnessed one yet.

Some of the scientific iinstruments in nicHenergy's facility.

The website does not say whether the device is producing electricity. Nor did it say if Piantelli’s technology is capable of producing electricity by LENR as Andrea Rossi claims his technology does.

Piantelli also has three LENR patents two of which involve nickel and hydrogen the same process Rossi is using. That’s no coincidence because Piantelli once conducted LENR research with Rossi’s mentor the late Sergio Focardi. Focardi did the research that formed the basis of Rossi’s ecat technology.

Judging by the site and the photos posted there it looks as if Piantelli and nichEnergy have gotten some serious funding from somewhere. It also looks as if they are working with somebody that speaks and writes really good English.

One strong possibility is North Carolina investor and billionaire Tom Darden who is also bankrolling Andrea Rossi’s work. Darden has said that he plans to finance a large amount of LENR research through his company Industrial Heat.