Andrea Rossi might be planning to hold a “public demonstration” of his Quark-X ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device before his claims about it have been verified.

Back in October Rossi hinted that he was planning a demonstration of the Quark-X ecat variant for February. In a response to Brokeeper a correspondent to his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog Rossi stated that the demonstration could be held before it achieved Sigma 5. When an experiment achieves Sigma 5 it means the scientist is confident of the results.

In a Christmas Eve (December 24) post Brokeeper asked: “Sigma5 reached?”

Rossi replied: “not necessarily.”

An artist's conception of something we might not see anytime soon.

Does that mean Rossi is not confident of his device’s results? I don’t know but it sure sounds like it. Andrea also admitted that he is not confident of his invention’s reliability either.

Brookeeper asked: “Modules required to continue operate 1 year (February) without refueling?

Rossi’s reply was once again: “not necessarily.”

Instead Rossi admitted that all he would need to hold a public demonstration is a minimum coefficient of power, or COP. Although Rossi did not state what that number would be. Back on December 8, Rossi revealed he was having an unidentified US military engineer test the QuarkX for COP.

So one has to wonder what exactly is Rossi planning to demonstrate in February? The last thing LENR needs is another closed box test where Rossi reassures spectators “trust me I know what I’m doing,” but produces no tangible results. Instead we need to see some proof of these claims.

Is Industrial Heat in Charge of ICCF21?

Rossi’s former partners at Industrial Heat will host the 21st International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) in Raleigh, North Carolina, in June 2018, an unsubstantiated post on the Ego Out blog claims.

On October 6, a correspondent identified as Sam North posted this on Ego Out:

“At the gala dinner at Sendai it was announced that the next ICCF21 will take place in June 2018 at Raleigh (North Caroline) organized by Industrial Heat. In May 2017 it will be organized a workshop at Sienna in Italy.”

Sendai is the Chinese city where ICCF21 was held in September 2016.

Tom Darden speaking at ICCF 19 in 2015.

Industrial Heat is the company that hedge fund investor Tom Darden set up to commercialize LENR. It had an agreement to purchase Rossi’s ecat technology that fell apart in April when Rossi sued Industrial Heat and Darden.

No proof for these claims is given and a Google Search produced no evidence that there even will be an ICCF 21. Nor has any reason for the delay of ICCF21 been revealed. One has to wonder if Darden is planning to bankroll ICCF21.