We now know the general location where research into Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology will be conducted in the United States. The company which purchased the rights to e-cat for $11 million last year, Industrial Heat LLC is moving to a 20,000 square foot laboratory space in Cary, North Carolina – a suburb of Raleigh, The Triangle Business Journal reported.

Downtown Cary North Carolina the e-cat could soon be there.

The first public demonstrations of e-cat in the United States could be held at the space, The Journal reported. Industrial Heat hopes to make its first big, proven breakthrough in Cary.

The exact location of the space in Cary and the specifics of what will be done there are unknown. Most likely it will be used to test the e-cat one units built by Rossi in Italy, including the one megawatt unit that generates one megawatt of heat and the ever popular hot e-cat. Another possibility is that Industrial Heat’s technicians might try to make electricity with steam generated by the hot e-cat. The Journal did not say whether Rossi would be involved in the testing at Cary or not.

Industrial Heat is supposedly investing in other LENR technologies. The article did not say whether any of that research would be carried out in Cary.

The Journal labeled LENR “controversial” but noted that Industrial Heat’s major financial backer, Tom Darden the CEO of Cherokee Partners believes in it. Darden admitted to the controversy but thinks the technology is still worth pursuing.

“The reason for the controversy is scientists look at it and say, ‘I don’t see how this could work,” Darden admitted. “I can’t debate with that. What am I supposed to say? I don’t know how it works. There are many things where I don’t know how it works.”

Cary is the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina. It is also the second most population town in the United States with 151,088 people and the fifth fastest growing community in America. Cary is considered a center of technology, major companies in town include 3DSolve a simulation company owned by Lockheed Martin, heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Inc., Research and Motion (the makers of Blackberry), Deutsche Bank Global Technologies and European technology giant Siemens. There is no indication that any of these companies will be involved in Industrial Heat’s research.

The town of Carey is part of the Research Triangle metropolitan area which consists of Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham. The region gets its name from the Research Triangle Park which was created in 1959 to take advantage of three major research universities located in the area: North Carolina State University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no indication that any of these universities or anybody associated with them will be involved with Industrial Heat’s research.

Interestingly enough North Carolina is where Kitty Hawk, the place that the Wright Brothers first demonstrated their airplane in 1903 is located. One has to wonder if history could repeat itself there.