We still do not know much about the operations of Andrea Rossi’s E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device but we now know what it looks like. The inventor has published pictures of the latest generation e-cat at his new website. Those pictures also provide clear evidence that there is at least one e-cat under assembly in the United States of America.

Rossi inspects the inside of a new ecat unit. Courtesy Andrea-Rossi.com

A series of pictures at Andrea-Rossi.com shows a team of technician working on the e-cat at an undisclosed location. Rossi is shown inside the device which like the earlier generations of the unit is built inside a cargo container. Workers are shown wiring the e-cat, working with laptops and posing for the cameras.

The large white cup next to the laptop has a logo from Wendy's an American fast-food chain. Courtesy Andrea-Rossi.com

The pictures give an interesting clue to the location of the work somewhere – in the United States of America. Take a close look at the picture above two cups can be seen next to the laptop behind the technician. The larger white cup appears to be from Wendy’s – a popular American chain of fast food restaurants. The picture of the girl on the cup is one of Wendy’s logos.

In another picture an air conditioning unit can be seen in the back ground. That might be an indication that the work is going on in Florida where Rossi lives which is fairly hot. It could also be going on in North Carolina a warm Southern State where Industrial Heat which purchased the rights to ecat from Rossi is headquartered.

Note the Air Conditioning Unit behind this fellow's left shoulder. Courtesy Andrea-Rossi.com

What’s intriguing is that the outside of the e-cat is not shown so we do not see where the facility is. That could be an indication that Rossi wants to keep the ecat secret. Nor is it clear if the unit in these pictures is being built in the United States or if is an Italian import that is being assembled on my side of the Atlantic. There is no real indication of the purpose of this ecat in the pictures either.

Hopefully Rossi will soon allow the press or better yet a scientist like Michael McKubre to examine this e-cat installation and verify some of his claims. The pictures are impressive but they are hardly verification of the inventor’s claims.