Andrea Rossi claims to have developed a battery-powered version of his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device. The controversial inventor also claims to be close to launching production of his energy source.

On April 28, 2017, Rossi posted this update to his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog:


We are going very well, also with the use of a battery as a power source.

Warm Regards,


Rossi did not explain what sort of battery he is using or how it works. A strong possibility is that he has got ahold of one the Tesla Power Pack lithium battery systems Elon Musk is manufacturing at the Gigafactory in Storey County Nevada. Each Powerpack contains 16 individual battery pods with a DC-DC converter and it is a scalable fully-integrated AC-connected solution.

One use for them is to build a localized microgrid which might be what Rossi is doing. That means Rossi might be trying to develop e-cat as a standalone power source for small scale electric generation or to power ships or heavy equipment.

Has Rossi reached Sigma 4?

Rossi also dropped a hint that he and Leonardo Corporation are close to beginning production of e-cat. Rossi told correspondent Robert Land that he and his team have reached Sigma 4 on April 28.

Here is the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) webpage described Sigma 4:

“Information inherent in preshot and postshot activities necessary in the testing of atomic weapons or devices. Specifically excluded are the theory of operation and the design of such items. Information includes:

(a) Logistics, administration, other agency participation.

(b) Special construction and equipment.

(c) Effects, safety.”

That means Rossi might be about to final testing or the testing of manufacturing techniques.

The day before on April 27, 2017, Rossi provided this answer:


On our way toward Sigma 5.

Warm Regards,


There are two possible definitions of Sigma 5 according to our friends at the FAS they are:

  • Production


  • Testing to determine yields and evaluate design features.

That might mean Rossi and crew are very close to beginning limited production of e-cat or finally designing a commercial e-cat. Since Rossi has made these claims before and failed to deliver, I would not hold my breath but it’s interesting.

Fleischmann Project is going to India

The open sourced researchers at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) are planning to test the ECCO LENR device created by Indian inventor Suhas Ralkar.

Ralkar’s device supposedly uses an ultrasonic fuel processor to create superconductors, a post on the MFMP Facebook page indicates. Ralkar has invited the MFMP to come to India and test his device, e-catworld’s Frank Acland revealed. No word on if they’re going but it would be exciting if they did.

The MFMP has posted an article on ECCO – Making nickel foil for ‘Free Energy’ reactor discharge electrodes at its Steemit feed that explains the technology. One question I have to ask here is the nickel given away for free. If it is not the energy is not free. The article also explains how 90 to 100 watts of electricity is used to power the ECCO, I imagine that’s not free either.

There is no such thing as free energy, only cheap energy which is what LENR would be. Despite that this is exciting news, there might be another cheap and practical LENR technology out there which is fascinating.