Andrea Rossi has created a new design for his E-cat low energy nuclear reaction technology (LENR) that he calls the E-Cat X. The details of E-cat X are not available but Rossi has revealed it will be modular and possibly smaller and cheaper to manufacture.

Like his earlier E-Cat designs, Rossi wants to make the X a module so several small E-cats can be assembled into a large power unit. This means it could be used to power something as small as your house or assembled into a large scale power unit. Note: this does not sound that different from Rossi’s earlier designs.

The current e-cats are modules that fit inside a large cargo unit. This includes the famed one megawatt e-cat Rossi has been working on for years. Note that device is supposed to generate one megawatt of heat not electricity.

On his blog, Rossi once again stated that he wants to use robots to manufacture E-cats. He has said this before but has not made it a reality.

Gates Recruits Billionaires to Solve Energy Problems

In other news Bill Gates has brought several of the world’s richest people together in a sort of hedge fund designed to channel money into energy research and development. Speaking at the climate conference in Paris, Gates announced that he has recruited a group of the world’s richest and most capable people for his Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

US President Barack Obama and French President François Hollande meet with somebody who can actually do something about climate change.

Members include:

  • CEO, Star Trek fan and aerospace investor Jeff Bezos


  • Richard Branson of the Virgin Group.


  • Jack Ma of Alibaba


  • Investment Legend George Soros


  • Ratan Tata of India’s Tata


  • Meg Whitman the CEO of Hewlett Packer



There are some notable absences here including Gates’ good friend Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. Also missing are Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google and Elon Musk. Several other lesser known billionaires are involved though. I imagine more will sign up, perhaps Gates should enlist the Koch brothers for a little ideological diversity.

It would also be a good idea to enlist a number of large corporations, particularly those such as Toyota, Boeing and Lockheed that are already involved in next generation energy research. One major University, the University of California is already involved. The University of California has a long history of cutting edge research it helped develop the atomic bomb during World War II.

This is far bigger news than the climate change conference which will result in politicians spewing out hot air and doing little or nothing. Gates and company can instantly vast amounts of money into energy research and development or R&D. Hopefully some of it will go to LENR and hot fusion.

Gates has said that the world needs “energy miracles” perhaps he can produce them. The world also needs funding mechanisms for technology perhaps these billionaires can provide them.

On the Coalition Web Page Gates also made a point about energy R&D that is well worth repeating here.

“Experience indicates that even the most promising ideas face daunting commercialization challenges and a nearly impassable Valley of Death between promising concept and viable product, which neither government funding nor conventional private investment can bridge.”

LENR researchers know this all too well. Hopefully Gates can use his billions and brain power to bridge the Valley of Death once and for all.