It looks as if a low energy nuclear revolution (LENR) patent revolution could be upon us. Over at Forbes contributor Basil Moftah noted that the recent explosion in autonomous vehicles while was proceeded by a burst of patent activity, Mr. Moftah also believes that a similar burst of activity in Hyperloop patents is inevitable.

Well now it looks like a burst of LENR patent activity is going on if recent news stories can be believed. At least three major LENR patents have have been made public in recent weeks. The recent LENR patent activity includes:

This photograph is included with Rossi's international patent application.

  • Andrea Rossi and his Leonardo Corporation have received a US Patent; US 9,115, 913 B1, on a device called the Fluid Heater. Rossi has confirmed that the patent is related to his E-cat LENR technology. Rossi has held a European patent on his cold fusion process since 2011.


  • Our friend Francesco Piantelli has received a European patent; EP2702593; for a “METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING ENERGY BY NUCLEAR REACTIONS OF HYDROGEN ADSORBED BY ORBITAL CAPTURE ON A NANOCRYSTALLINE STRUCTURE OF A METAL.” Piantelli has received at least one other LENR patent in Europe.


That patent lists Piantelli as the inventor and the following people; Silvia Piantelli, Alessandro Meiarini, Leonardo Ciampoli, and Fabio Chellini as appliants. I imagine that Silvia is a relative of Francesco.  It does not list any businesses entities but Piantelli is involved with a company called Nichenergy which is trying commercialize his processes. Nichenergy’s website is still in existence but it appears to list only an address in Milan. Nichenergy is not listed on the patent.


  • A group of Russian researchers has filed for a World Patent on a METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING HEAT BY plasma electrolysis. The patent is WO2015108434 and it appears to be for an LENR process. Among other things it contains this language that sounds like an LENR process to me:

A Diagram of an LENR device that was filed with Parkohomov's patent application.

“Also known are a method and apparatus for performing highly exothermic reaction (application NsWO / 2009/125444), the reaction occurs between the nickel atoms and hydrogen at high temperature (150 ° to 5000 ° C), wherein hydrogen is injected into the chamber containing a pressed nickel powder, under pressure from 2 to 20 bar.”

One of the applicant inventors is listed as Alexander Georgievich Parkhomov the Russian physicist who claimed to have duplicated Andrea Rossi’s “hot ecat” device in December. I have to wonder if this won’t lead to a legal conflict between Rossi and Parkhomov.

It looks as if LENR patent activity is growing. This could be a sign that a number of inventors are getting ready to roll out LENR processes or at least test them. Although it should be noted that this might not actually lead to work LENR, a patent is still a long way from a working reactor.