Brillouin Energy Corp has raised $7.75 million for its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research and development.

The money described as a “Series B round of funding” will pay for an aggressive effort to commercialize Brillouin’s technology, a press release states. The funds largely came from investor James “Jim” Farrell who has joined the company’s board of directors.

Farrell is the managing director of Beyond Carbon Energy LLC and Founder and Director of the Climate Change Investigation, Innovation and Investment Company, his Linked In page indicates. He’s a graduate of Cornell University and the Harvard Business School who is committed to funding breakthroughs in clean energy.

Brillouin is planning to seek $15 million more in funding later this month, which sounds as if it’s Chief Executive Officer Robert W. George II thinks commercialization is possible. Brillouin and SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International haven trying to commercialize the LENR technology invented by Robert E. Godes for several years. Godes currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Technology Officer.

Brillouin is based in Berkeley, California, and has been working closely with SRI, a private research organization in Palo Alto, California for some time. Michael C.H. McKubre the Director of SRI’s Energy Research Center, serves on Brillouins board of the directors. McKubre has been also been linked to LENR research at Texas Tech University.

The press release claimed Brillouin had achieved over-unity amounts of thermal energy from its LENR technology but provide no proof or detailed descriptions.

Note: Brillouin has made these claims before and little has come of them. Therefore I would not hold my breath, but it is exciting news.

Brilliant Light Power Files LENR Patent Application

Brillouin is not the only LENR company on the move. New Jersey based Brilliant Light Power; which keeps denying it is doing LENR research, has filed an application for a process that sounds like cold fusion.

US Patent Application 20170070180 bears the euphemistic name Photovoltaic Generation Systems and Methods Regarding same. Yet the description makes it sounds like an LENR device. It is described as: “A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction”

The reaction is created by catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos. Get the picture. The application was filed by Randell L. Miles on March 9, 2017.

It looks as if a lot of progress is being made in LENR. One has to wonder how close these companies really are to commercialization and if Brillouin will be able to deliver on its bold promises.

Full Scale Hyperloop Under Construction

Finally for you Hyperloop fans out there, Hyperloop One has completed a large portion of the first full sized version of that transportation system in North Las Vegas Nevada. Lots of pictures are available at Hyperloop One’s website and some video of the project can be found at YouTube.