There is a huge potential market for Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer in home heating and water heating, especially in the US and Canada.

The costs of all kinds of heating fuel are rising steadily. The most common heating fuel in the US is natural gas which costs $1.39 a gallon. If you can get it, millions of Americans and Canadians do not have access to natural gas lines so they rely upon propane. Propane or LP gas now costs $2.83 a gallon. Propane costs are high because it has to be delivered by truck.

In most areas of US and Canada, propane is the only affordable and practical heating source for those who live off of gas lines. It is simply uneconomical for the average person to heat a home with electricity.

With rising propane costs vast numbers of rural residents have gone back to heating with wood. Wood is only an affordable heat source if you can cut it yourself. The elderly, the disabled and persons who lack the time to cut and haul wood cannot afford to use it. A cord or standard unit of firewood now costs around $200 in the average American town.

Wood burning also creates a great deal of air pollution which is a growing problem with rising population here in the American West. Many communities have already had to ban or limit wood burning.

In parts of the Northeast there is an alternative in the form of heating oil. Heating oil now costs $3.58 a gallon so it is actually cheaper than propane. If it is available in most of the Western US it is now impossible to order heating oil.

This means that there will be a huge market for the Defkalion Hyperion heating system which will use Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer for power. The Hyperion creates steam which is the most efficient home heating method. It can also heat hot water and even generate surplus electricity.

The Hyperion could quickly become the heating system of choice in rural areas of the US. It could be adapted to heat homes, businesses, schools, government buildings and perhaps towns or campuses. Since the energy catalyzer only needs a few dollars worth of nickel to operate it could be a lifesaver to many American families. These families could even make a few extra dollars a month by selling the surplus electricity the Hyperion generates back to their local power company. Best of all the Hyperion creates little or no pollution.

Once the Hyperion is widely adopted the propane tank like the coal chute and oil burning furnaces could quickly become a thing of the past.