E-cats at Andrea Rossi's Facility in Bologna, Italy

A little more information about AmpEnergo the US company that has been formed to sell Andrea Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion technology (see http://rossifocardifusion.com) is available. AmpEnergo is a privately held company which means they do not have to tell the public much under US law. All their website contains is a brief paragraph and a couple of press releases.

Yet some more information has been seeping out. The Watts Up With That blog has detailed some more information about the men behind AmpEnergo. Among other things it states:

Robert Gentile who was assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Fuels during the administration of President George H.W. Bush (the last President Bush’s father) in the early 1990s also served or is serving as president of Rossi’s company the Leonardo Corporation.

The Leonardo Corp owns the e-cat technology, AmpEnergo would license it and sell it. The Leonardo Corp is apparently headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire, even though Rossi apparently lives and works in Miami. He also maintains a laboratory and workshop near his native Bologna, Italy, to add to confusion.

The Leonardo Corp shares the phone number of the Norwood Group, a large commercial real estate brokerage (estate agent for our friends in the UK) that is based in Bedford. Karl Norwood, the head of the Norwood Group is apparently a partner in AmpEnergo. The Norwood Group is an affiliate of NAI Global. The Norwood Group also works in other businesses including construction.

Craig Cassarino
who serves as the spokesman for AmpEnergo (at least he gave an interview to Sweden’s NyTeknik as far as I know the only time anybody connected to AmpEnergo has gone on the record to talk about their activities) serves as New Hampshire’s Commercial Consul in Brazil or a representative in Brazil. Mr. Cassarino apparently makes his living representing American businesses in Brazil.

Robert Noceti another AmpEnergo Partner has an undefined connection to the National Energy Technology Laboratory. A research facility run by the US Department of Energy. He also works with something called LTI Associates, I do not know what that.

Other than this it looks like AmpEnergo just like Andrea Rossi is keeping security tight. My guess is this is to protect its technology secret in order to keep people from swiping it and selling it. The purpose of AmpEnergo is to license e-cat technology much the way Microsoft licenses people to use computer software. To do that they will have to have a patent in place