Coal fired power plants could be as obsolete as horse drawn buggies in a decade

A low energy nuclear reaction technology developed by an American company could replace coal as the fuel for electric power plants within a few years, its inventor says. Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Corporation believes that a cold fusion device he is developing could actually be used to heat boilers in power plants in a few years.

“The other system will be capable of generating electric power out of some of the existing coal fired power plants,” Godes told radio host James Martinez in an interview last week. Godes who is founder, president and chief technology officer of Brillouin appeared on Martinez’s Cash Flow Radio program with the company’s CEO venture capitalist Robert George.

Godes an electrical engineer has been interested in cold fusion since 1992. He has been working on an LENR technology and a control system for it since 2002. George told Maritnez that Godes has developed an electronic control system for LENR. This will serve as the basis of a device that will be used to heat water for boilers.

Brillouin is planning to license two different LENR boiler technologies. These units are a wet boiler that will heat water to 140 degrees Celsius and a steam boiler being developed with research company SRI that will make steam by heating water to 400 to 450 degrees Celsius. The steam from the boiler would be used to power steam power turbines in power plants and generate electricity.

Godes did not say whether he had a working model of either system available. He did say that he needs to do further work with SRI in order to perfect the steam boiler. Nor did he say how big the device would be or what it would cost. George estimated that it would cost 20% to 30% more to build and install than present boiler technologies. Godes also didn’t say how many kilowatts of heat his device would generate.

Andrea Rossi claims to be working on a similar device that would power turbines from Siemens. His ecat LENR device would generate around 45 megawatts of heat.

“What we’re providing is a system that will be a new boiler it will be the heating source,” Godes said.

George told Martinez that Brillouin’s business plan is to license boiler technology to other companies. The companies would build a unit that could be plugged into existing boilers to replace existing heat sources. The wet unit could be used to heat water for home use and for home or commercial heating. George said he wants to work with existing boiler manufacturers rather than build the boilers.

The damage done by open pit coal mines like this could be no longer necessary thanks to Brillouin

Brillouin has been contacted by big companies but currently is not working with any of them, George said.

“He’s basically invented a control system to capitalize on a system that was invented 22 years ago by Pons and Fleischman,” George said of Godes. He said the main accomplishment at Brillouin had been to develop an electronic control system for LENR. Godes has been working with a team of technicians and experts on the process for several years. He is also advised by a committee of scientists. Godes is also working closely with well-respected cold fusion researcher Mike McCubre at SRI. I think he’s seen in the famous 60 Minutes piece below.

Brillouin’s system uses a nickel and hydrogen catalyst and ordinary water. Godes and his team have had a test reactor up and running at their facility in Berkley California since October 2010.

$1 Million Could End Global Warming

Godes and George believe that they will need to do about another year’s worth of research and development before they have a commercially viable product. George said Brillouin needs about $2 million to complete its research and development. It has collected about $1 million from angel investors but it needs another $1 million to complete its work. Angel investors are wealthy individuals that finance start up companies.

“Just a few million dollars could actually bring this technology to the point where original equipment manufacturers could start producing these for general consumption,” Godes said. “We could start repowering coal plants.”

If what Godes is saying is true this could be exciting news. The burning of coal is a major cause of greenhouse gases, global warming and air pollution in general. If he’s correct we could end global warming without having to shut modern civilization down. It would also end all the environmental damage done by coal mining.

Coal trains in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming

Another benefit would be to significantly reduce the price of electricity and the electric bill for the average family or business. Much of what we pay for electricity these days actually goes to pay for coal or the hauling of coal. Another benefit is that many of the rail lines now used by coal trains could be used for passenger service which could reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Or at least reduce the amount of time drivers spend sitting at railroad crossings in the Western US.