Strangely enough one of the best resources about energy issues on the web today is Bill Gates’s personal blog Gates Notes. The world’s richest man appears to one of the few deep thinkers who is doing some deep thinking about energy unlike our political leaders.

The blog itself explains Mr. Gates’ reputed interest in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion and in nuclear power in general. Gates believes that development of an effective and practical nuclear energy source that is commercially viable is critical to our future and he’s right. He compares the energy situation to vaccination which frees humanity from the scourge of many deadly diseases – if we choose to use it.

“When it comes to clean energy, we need breakthroughs that are just as miraculous.” Gates wrote about energy in June. Gates noted that the world is going to need a 50% increase in its energy supply just to meet its basic needs between now and 2040. Those who think that Mr. Gates statement is absurd need to take a look at the last century and a half of history.

Just look at all of the technological advances that would have appeared miraculous to somebody who lived 225 years ago such as Ben Franklin or Napoleon: light bulbs, airplanes, television, radio, automobiles, mass production, x-rays, computers, the internet, space travel and many more that are now part of our everyday lives.

We do have the power to work miracles if we want to use it. Unfortunately we are not; as Mr. Gates ably points out, we are not using it. He wrote:

“Just like vaccines, clean-energy miracles don’t just happen by chance. We have to make them happen, through long-term investments in research and development. Unfortunately, right now neither the private sector nor the U.S. government is making anywhere near the scale of investment it takes to produce these breakthroughs.”

Rossi Discusses Ecat sort of

Now for a few details about one of those potential miracles, Andrea Rossi the man behind the ecat LENR technology gave a Skype interview to Italian engineer Salvo Mandarà who runs a web TV channel. Unfortunately the interview is in Italian which I do not speak. There is a translation of it posted at the website.

In the interview Rossi is deliberately extremely vague about his technology and how it works. Here’s a translation of his response to the question: “How the excess energy is produced by an E-Cat?”

“The physical process by which the E-Cat works is a process of so-called ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reactions’ or LENR, that is, reactions which take place in the nucleus of an atom at temperatures ‘low’ compared to those normally required for a nuclear reaction, which does not need to be a fusion.”

It sounds as if he is saying: “I do not know where the energy is coming from.” Note: I don’t know whether this translation is accurate or not.

From the rest of the statements it sounds like a repeat of everything Rossi has said before. He need make one fascinating revelation though. He has investigated the possibility of creating an LENR powered car or truck with Swedish automaker Volvo.

“The application of this technology to the automotive industry is extremely complex. I spoke with the CEO of Volvo and with other automotive technicians who were intrigued by this possibility,”Andrea Rossi said.  Rossi also noted that the Volvo technicians think it would take around 20 years to develop an LENR powered automobile.

Note: the Volvo Group is owned by the Chinese auto company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Rossi didn’t say whether he had spoken to Volvo President and CEO Håkan Samuelsson or his boss Geely Chairman Li Shufu. Geely is traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange under the ticker SHEHK: 0175.

It looks as if there are a few people out there who want to make miracles. Wish them luck because we’re going to need energy miracles and soon.