Brillouin Energy Corp has published the results of testing on its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology. Controlled Electron Capture and the Path Toward Commercialization a paper with the names of Brillouin CEO Robert George, Brillouin President and LENR inventor Robert Godes, Frances Tanzella of SRI International and Michael McKubre of SRI International has been posted online. The paper outlines Brillouin’s second generation boiler technology which has been tested at SRI for the past few months.

This paper outlines the results of over 150 experiments on Brillouin’s LENR process conducted by Brillouin and SRI. The paper stated that excess energies of over 100% have been generated using Brillouin’s method that employees Palladium and Nickel Hydrides.

The paper reveals the components of Brilllouin’s wet cell boiler and shows power measurements. The paper states that the system recovers 98% of the heat output.  In one experiment the wet boiler yielded excess power of over 50% for two days. The paper does show the test results from the experiments.

It concludes that Brillouin hopes to break through the 200% threshold soon. That means the boiler would generate three times as much as energy as was put into it. The paper as you can see even shows Brillouin’s formulas and reveals some details about their technology. Hopefully Andrea Rossi will learn from this and Celani’s recent presentations at NIWeek and the ICCF 17 in Daeown, South Korea Last Week.

Sterling Allen of Pure Energy Systems reported that Francis Tanzella of SRI was supposed to present this paper to the ICCF last week. Hopefully he did. No details about Tanzella’s talk have been posted online yet. I’ll keep looking for them.

These presentations should open the discussion on LENR and make it easier to commercialize the process. Brillouin has already done well in this by getting the funding it needs to complete the development of its third generation boiler technology with SRI. This is the boiler technology that Robert Godes believes could one day replace fossil fuels as the source of heat in power plants.

It looks like Brillouin is moving forward and its success has pressured Andrea Rossi into releasing his data. These data releases should spur more investors to get involved and more LENR developers to come out of the closet and start publicly embracing this important power source. CNBC has recently posted a positive piece on LENR on its website hopefully that will be the start of serious LENR coverage.