The Brillouin
Energy Corporation
has apparently found the money that it needs to commercialize
its low energy nuclear reaction boiler
. Sterling D. Allen of LENR to Market weekly reported that
Brillouin’s CEO Robert W. George II told him that the company had received $2
million in financing. Allen did not reveal the source of this funding.

George and his partner Robert Godes have said they need
$2 million in order to fund the next stage of development of their cold fusion boiler technology. Allen
presented no evidence to verify this claim but if it is true it is very good.
George has said that Brillouin’s boiler technology could begin replacing coal, oil and natural gas fired
boilers in existing power plants
within a few years.

A post on Brillouin’s
stated that they had completed their “third round of funding” but didn’t
say how much money they had raised. The post also noted that they were in
negotiations with SRI a well-respected scientific testing facility in
California for tests of a third generation boiler design. Brillouin and SRI
will apparently collaborate on the development of a wet boiler and a dry

Sterling Allen said Godes had told him on May 31 that Brillouin
and SRI will sign a new contract in the
of June. That means development of the Brillouin boiler technology is
about to begin.

Rossi posts regular updates at his blog

Andrea Rossi could have an important announcement within
a week. In his blog the ecat inventor
stated that he will make an important announcement about the high temperature
reactors within a week. Rossi didn’t say what his announcement would be only
that he will make one. Rossi reportedly told Brian Josephson that he has
created an ecat that can generate temperatures of up to 600 degrees centigrade.

If true that would be very important because it means
that an ecat would be able to generate steam. The steam would be hot enough to
power turbines to generate electricity and run machinery and vehicles. It that
statement’s true it is exciting news. There is some speculation on line that
Rossi might unveil his 600 degree ecat
next week.

As always I am taking a wait and see attitude with Rossi’s
announcement. Hopefully see proof this time rather than more statements.