A claim that the American television network CBS is planning to run a new or updated version of a segment about cold fusion on its flagship news magazine 60 minutes is apparently not true. A post at Independent eCat News claims that 60 Minutes is planning to update its cold fusion report on Tuesday July 17.

The segment features an interview with Michael McKubre who is apparently testing Brillouin’s low energy nuclear reaction boiler technology at the SRI laboratory in Palo Alto California. It also discusses the work of Energetics the Israeli/American cold fusion research company financed by billionaire Sidney Kimmel. Interestingly enough this interview apparently made Robert Duncan aware of the status of LENR and laid the ground work for the LENR research work now being done at the University of Missouri. Kimmel is financing that work as well.

There’s only problem with this claim the official CBS schedule on CBS.com clearly indicates that the network will be airing reruns of its dramas NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Person of Interest for its prime time programming not 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes as most Americans know runs on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time and 6 p.m. Eastern and Mountain Time.

So there apparently will not be a new story about Cold Fusion on CBS. Instead there will be a rerun of the original CBS story on at midnight on July 16 or  17. Note this may not run in many areas because many US TV stations show paid programming at that hour. It should also be noted that broadcast is probably just a repeat of what ran back in 2009. So it probably won’t pay to stay up for it or record it.



The Independent eCat News mentions another US network CNBC. Since CNBC is operated by CBS’s competitor NBC it is doubtful that 60 minutes would show on it. A look at CNBC’s schedule indicates that 60 Minutes clearly doesn’t show on CNBC.

Now it is entirely possible that Scott Pelley the reporter who did the classic CBS cold fusion story back in 2009 will update his piece. Since Mr. Pelley is now anchorman of the CBS Evening News it is entirely possible that his piece will run on that broadcast not on 60 Minutes. It is also possible that the updated cold fusion story will run on 60 Minutes this Sunday. Since CBS has not released a schedule for that show it is possible that the segment will run on that broadcast.


Either way it looks like somebody at Independent eCat News did not do his homework. They should have checked CBS’s website before putting out this blog post. Hopefully CBS will update the 60 Minutes piece or do a new story at some time in the future. Maybe they could look into the work being done by Defkalion, Andrea Rossi, Piantelli, Jet Energy and Brillouin. All of which appear to be further along than Energetics. It would be wonderful if the American public could be made aware of this exciting news at this time. Also an experienced journalist with a lot of resources such as Mr. Pelley might be able to tell us what is really going on at these companies so we’d have hard facts instead of press releases, claims and wild accusations from cold fusion critics.

For of you that are interested Andrea Rossi done a new interview with Free Energy Systems. Unfortunately he doesn’t say anything new at it.