The American cable news network CNBC will apparently air a repeat of the classic 60 Minutes piece about cold fusion; “Cold Fusion is Hot Again” at midnight Eastern and Pacific times (11 p.m. Central and Mountain) on Tuesday July 17. The network apparently shows reruns of old 60 Minutes shows at midnight on weekdays which is odd because 60 Minutes is the flagship news show on NBC’s rival network CBS. NBC owns and operates CNBC and MSNBC.

The segment will be part of 60 Minutes on CNBC which runs reruns of classic 60 Minutes segments with updates and new footages. Hopefully this version will feature something about recent LENR research by people such as Andrea Rossi, Jet Energy, Defkalion and Brillouin.

A far better development would be a new 60 Minutes story focusing on all the recent developments in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). The public needs to know about them so it can know there is hope for the future. Perhaps we need to start contacting 60 Minutes and other media outlets and telling them about this. Contrary to popular belief most reporters are too dull to notice news until somebody tells them about it.

If you live in the United States or Canada you should be able to get CNBC through your Cable or satellite provider.Check your TV guide because the times they show it vary from time zone to time zone. If you miss it I’m sure lots of sites including this one will post youtubes of the story for you. Oh well at least LENR is getting media attention for better or worse.