The energy catalyzer could be used to power spacecraft someday. In a recent interview with Ny Teknik (a Swedish magazine), Craig Cassarino of AmpEnergo said an unidentified company in the United States was interested in using the energy to catalyzer to propel space vehicles.

In the interview, Cassarino did not go into any details about this but it does raise an intriguing possibility. The energy catalzyer could possibly be used to propel vehicles through space and possibly to lift vehicles into space. AmpEnergo is the US company that has the right to license e-cat technology in the Americas. Cassarino said his firm is in discussion with a number of large companies about the e-cat but would not go into details.

The method for doing this would be a very simple one: the steam the catalyzer generates could be used to push a vehicle through space. It would push the spacecraft along the way the hot air from a jet engines pushes an airplane. The current generation of space probes uses nuclear fission to heat materials to high temperatures to push them along.

Using the e-cat to power a spacecraft would certainly be safer than nuclear fission – which generates a lot of radiation. That means it could be used to propel manned spacecraft. Of course, we would have to see if the energy catalyzer would work in space first.

If the energy catalyzer could make unlimited amounts of steam, it could be used to lift objects into space. This would certainly be better than today’s rockets which generate a lot of pollution. Instead of chemical pollution the energy catalyzer would just put out steam vapor which would be harmless.

Obviously a lot of research would have to be done to see if this is possible. Still it is an intriguing concept and one that should definitely be researched.