Inside of a Data Center courtesy NY Times

The New York Times has discovered that data centers the giant banks of servers that the internet and the cloud operate on are vast users of electricity. The Times estimates that data centers currently waste about 90% of the electricity they draw from the grid.

The newspaper discovered that data centers use about 30 billion watts of energy a year which is equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants. That means that the internet is actually a vast user and waster of energy. It is also a tremendous opportunity for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) companies.

Currently data centers are also major polluters because most of them use diesel generators as a backup to the grid. If the grid goes on these switch on because companies like Google and Facebook want their services to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With cloud computing coming in and more people using digital or virtual backup the amount of energy use is increasing.

So is the amount of air pollution these companies are putting out. Regulators have cited Amazon for running generators without a permit. Other companies have been cited for violations in Illinois.

The opportunity that data centers present for the LENR industry is vast. There are now 2,094 of them in the United States alone. Many other data centers exist in foreign countries including Europe. Data production is increasing as well. The New York Stock Exchange alone generates 2,000 gigabytes of data a day.

These centers obviously present a tremendous opportunity for LENR entrepreneurs because of the vast sums that companies like Google spend upon them. At least one LENR startup Kressen which is working with Francessco Celani has a business plan focused on data centers. Unfortunately Celani has not yet been able to generate electricity with his device which has been publicly demonstrated.

Other companies that could benefit from Data Centers include Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo’s Corp and Brillouin. Brillouin’ hot boiler could definitely be used to generate steam to power turbines to generate power for data centers. So could Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat which needs more development.

Average persons that pay electric bills could certainly benefit from the use of LENR in data centers. The New York Times reported that utilities in the Northeastern US spent $1 billion to build a power line from Pennsylvania to Loudon County, Virginia, just to serve data center. Data Centers in northern Virginia now draw 500 million watts of electricity from the grid according to the local utility Dominion Virginia Power. Dominion estimates that data centers in the area will draw 1 billion watts from the grid within five years.

Giant Servers in a Data Center

So the internet and the cloud might be the industry that fuels the development of LENR. Internet companies need power and they have a lot of cash. If inventors like Celani can provide a means of generating large amounts of power without pollution companies like Google, Amazon, eBay and Facebook will beat a path to their doors. So the virtual world of the internet and the cloud may fuel the physical energy revolution that transforms our world.