The controversy between Andrea Rossi and his former partners at Defkalion Green Technologies seems to be heating up. In a response to Defaklion, Christos E. Stremmenos a board member and honorary Vice President of Research and Development at the Greek company blasted its management.

Stremmenos, who is working with Rossi and was present at his last e-cat test, stated that Defkalion’s claims that it had working cold fusion devices similar to Rossi’s were not true. Rossi was working with Defkalion and even attended a press conference with the company’s leadership in June. In July he broke off his agreement with them and accused the company of breach of contract. He has threatened to sue them but it is unclear if he has taken legal action.

Defkalion remained quiet for a few months then issued a statement through its online forum that stated the company was going ahead. The statement also accused Rossi of staging a public demonstration using its technology.

Stremmenos, a former Greek ambassador to Italy and a retired professor at the University of Bologna called the statement megalomaniacal and presumptuous. He stated that Defkalion does not have cold fusion technology and did not have the financial resources to carry out its plans. Like Rossi he stated that Defkalion’s management team was not able to live up to its claims. Look at his response to claims the company had global financing:

RESOURCES.” Stremmenos’ words not mine.

In a response dated October 12, Defaklion boss Alexandros Xanthoulis stated that Stremmenos did not know what he was talking about because he had missed the company’s board meetings. He also stated that the professor did not know about technological breakthroughs.

Alexandros Xanthoulis being interviewed for Greek TV in July

Once again Xanthoulis claimed that Defkalion had a working prototype for its Hyperion heating and electrical generation device that he called Version 7. He stated that his company is ready for full production. Unfortunately he did not provide any proof for these claims. He also contradicted Stremmenos claims that Defkalion had no agreement to license e-cat technology worldwide, instead he said that its agreement kept it from selling the devices in the USA or for military applications. Note he did not say what military applications are so would it be illegal for the Greek army to buy Hyperions to heat its barracks?

The Swedish technology newspaper Ny Teknik reported in an update dated October 21 that Defkalion stated it had an exclusive license worth 40.5 million euros ($56 million USD) and is planning to build a factory that will produce up to 300,000 cold fusion devices a year. Note the news section on Defkalion’s own website does not say anything of this and Ny Teknik presents no evidence for it. On its website Defkalion has posted reports and scientific papers by Rossi, Focardi, Levi and Kulander and Rossi’s Italian patent for the e-cat as evidence of its processes.

Ny Teknik has published a new report about the results from Rossi’s October 6 e-cat test that might be of some interest. The controversy continues.