There is an unsubstantiated claim that Defkalion is planning to start marketing an LENR device in July. Posts to Chris Martenson’s online forum by somebody called Woomera make some interesting claims about what is going on at the  Greek company. Defkalion has announced that it is testing a home LENR device it calls the Hyperion.

The claims include:

  • Defkalion will bring their device to market in July.
  • The LENR device can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch.
  • The cold fusion device can generate temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius (662 Fahrenheit).
  • Defkalion could use a better liquid to make steam from.
  • The Hyperion is currently running at temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius (482 Fahrenheit) which would be adequate for home heating purposes and to operate a low pressure steam engine.
  • Each Hyperion device will contain around LENR units.
  • Each LENR unit will generate around 5 kilowatts of heat so the device would generate about 25 kilowatts of heat.
  • Each Hyperion will cost about 30 Euros ($39.99 USD)  a Year to operate.
  • Defkalion has the legal certification to market the cold fusion devices in the European Union.
  • Defkalion will not sell or market LENR devices in the USA because it lacks certification to do so. The US doesn’t recognize EU certification. (Note this may mean they plan to sell the rights to manufacture or market in the USA to somebody else). Note this also probably means that the device cannot be marketed in Canada.
  • The LENR devices will be monitored long distance via internet or wireless to ensure proper operations.
  • The company has 27 scientists working on its project.
  • Defkalion plans to manufacture 300,000 Hyperions in its first year of operation.
  • Defkalion’s LENR device has generated temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,732 Fahrenheit) in testing. This could open the door for other industrial applications such as smelting melting or welding if it is perfected.
  • Defkalion has received visitors from NASA.

Sterling D. Allan with the Hyperion at Defkalion HQ courtesy Pure Energy Systems

The information was posted by somebody who calls himself or herself Woomera. I think he or she is Australian because the message contains Aussie slang including g’day and go’er. Whoever this person is he or she was apparently on vacation in Greece and just dropped in on the Defkalion offices in Xianthi.

Here’s an interesting note  Woomera is a military settlement in Australia next to the Woomera Rocket Range or Woomera Prohibited Area. Woomera would be Australia’s equivalent of China Lake (where the US Navy tests weapons) or Groom Lake (Area 51).

Defkalion had an agreement with Andrea Rossi last summer that quickly collapsed. Interestingly enough Woomera is also familiar with Rossi’s work. He or she notes that Rossi does not know how to turn his ecat on or off. No details about the results of Defkalion’s LENR testing were divulged. Woomera apparently knows some more specifics  of Defkalion’s work but won’t divulge them.