The Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device from Defkalion Green Technologies failed to produce excess in critical tests over the summer.


That’s the conclusion of Luca Gamberale who is identified as the Chief Technology Officer of an Italian Company called Mose srl. Mose srl was apparently Defkalion’s partner in a joint venture that’s since been dissolved. Gamberale has a Phd in high energy physics from the University of Milan.

Those revelations were made on the website of the Swedish journalist Mats Lewan. Lewan recently interviewed Gamberale and found that Defkalion hasn’t been able to prove its claims. Over the summer Defkalion held a public demonstration of the Hyperion device that was streamed live over the internet. Lewan was present at the demonstration which was held on July 23, 2013.

Lewan reported that Mose srl had a joint venture with Defkalion called Defkalion Europe that has since been dissolved. Defkalion Europe was apparently formed after Defkalion’s Greek operations collapsed. If that’s correct Defkalion’s Canadian operations are all that remain.

This isn’t the first time one of Defkalion’s deals has collapsed. In 2012, it had a deal with Andrea Rossi that also fell apart. Rossi has accused Defkalion of stealing some of this technology.


Defkalion CEO Alexander Xanthoulis with the Hyperion at the July 2013 demonstration in Milan.

Lewan concludes that Gamberale has proved the Hyperion is not living up to Defkalion’s claims. He noted that Gamberale still believes in LENR and is worried that his report could damage the technology’s reputation. He noted that Gamberale is still involved in two unidentified LENR projects.

Interestingly enough Defkalion’s head man Alexander Xanthoulis still believes in his technology. Xanthoulis told Lewan that his LENR reactor is almost ready and that he is seeking certification from a Canadian organization corresponding to Underwriter’s Laboratories. (Note: that would be Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada).

Underwriters Laboratory tests appliances and electronic devices for safety in the US and Canada. It is a private for profit organization and anybody can submit a device to it as long as they pay. I might also note that Underwriters Laboratory evaluates products only for safety not for effectiveness or efficiency. It is not a government organization.

Cudos to Lewan for noting this, hopefully we’ll soon get news of an LENR device that actually produces heat.