Defkalion Green Technologies has finally released some data about its Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device. The Greek/Canadian company has been promising that they’d release the data for months.

LENR testing at Defkalion I don't know if this is Michael A. Nelson or not.

Now they’ve released an independent report and two videos that seem to corroborate their claims. Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems noted that the report shows that Defkalion was able to create excess energy with its device and demonstrate that they can fully control the reaction. The report also indicates that the Hyperion device was able to generate energy at coefficient of power (COP) of three. That means the device generates three times as much as power as is fed into it.

The report was apparently made for the New Energy Foundation the publisher of Infinite Energy by an unidentified NASA employee. Sterling Allan reported that the NASA employee is Michael A. Nelson who has worked at the space agency for thirty years. Nelson apparently did the report on his own and it has nothing to do with NASA. Nor is it related to NASA’s own LENR efforts.

Mike Gibbs of Fortune magazine believes that the reports which were published as PDFs are convincing proof of LENR. Gibbs has apparently talked to Nelson and found out that the New Energy Foundation paid for his trip to Greece to test the device. Gibbs called Nelson an impartial expert.

So it looks like Defkalion has been able to demonstrate that it can prove some of its claims. It’s unclear how this will affect the company which has moved its headquarters but not its operations from Greece to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Defkalion has apparently had a hard time finding financing for its efforts because of the violence and economic problems in Greece. Hopefully this will convince some serious investors to put money into Defkalion.

This is definitely exciting news because it’ll boost the entire LENR industry by showing that Defkalion is not a scam. Instead it is a real company with a real technology that actually works. Mike Gibbs is to be commended for his open minded look at this.

Now Defkalion needs to build a device that can generate steam for heat and power with its technology. It also needs to demonstrate that it can heat water to high temperatures in order to make a real technology.

Hopefully Andrea Rossi will follow Defkalion’s lead and let somebody like Michael A. Nelson take a look at his hot ecat and verify some of his claims. It also looks like Defkalion might actually be a really good investment.