Andrea Rossi and others at Defkalion's June 23, press conference in Greece

It looks like Defkalion could be going ahead with production of a cold fusion device without Andrea Rossi. The e-cat inventor broke off his agreement to license his technology to the Greek company at the end of July. Now a letter from a Defkalion spokesman makes it appear that the company could have its own cold fusion device.

The letter sent to the Pure Energy Systems blog states that there are substantial differences between the device that powers Defkalion’s Hyperion home heating and electricity generation system and the e-cat. It lists several differences including a different cooling system, different coolants and different electronic controls. Defaklion plans to go into production with Hyperion by the end of this year.

It should be noted that the letter has not been posted on Defkalion’s web site. Therefore it may not reflect Defkalion company policy. The letter does not say if Defkalion holds a patent on this technology or not. The company has apparently filed for one in Greece.

Yet the letter from Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion Green Technologies also states that the system is based on Rossi’s technology. This could mean that Defkalion is using Rossi’s technology without permission which would violate the Italian patent he holds for the e-cat. This could be the reason why Rossi says he is planning to sue the Greek company. Rossi has stated that a suit has been filed in Italian courts.

This could also mean that Defkalion does not believe Rossi’s patent is valid. Rossi’s work is partially based on the research of two other Italian scientists Sergio Focardi and Francesco Piantelli. Piantelli was apparently working on nickel hydrogen cold fusion years before Rossi. He has also applied for three patents of his own and launched is own company Nichenergy to commercialize a cold fusion device of his own. There is no evidence that Piantelli has any connection to Defkalion. Focardi is working with Rossi on e-cat development.

This is not the first time Defkalion has claimed to have a working cold fusion device. In the Defkalion press conference on June 23, Alexandros Xanthoulis, Defaklion’s main spokesman, told reporters that his company had tested a device in two industrial applications in Greece. Rossi has stated no e-cats have been shipped to Greece or tested there.

It looks like we have not heard the end of this dispute. It also sounds as if it is going to lead to a very nasty court battle.