Details of the most important conference on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) of 2013 are now available. The official website for The 18th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) is now up and running.

The Famous Columns at the University of Missouri at Columbia

The conference will be held at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri, on July 21-27, which is also sponsoring the event. The university is also the home of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for a Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR). The institute will participate in the conference as well as the university. Tours of the institute’s labs were some LENR research is already taking place will be part the conference’s itinerary.

The ICCF-18 website also revealed the identity of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for a Nuclear Renaissance Dr. Graham K. Hubler, PHD. Hubler is a high profile scientist who worked as head of the materials and research branch at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) until 2012. Hubler is scheduled to speak at the conference.

Having the conference at a major American university is certainly a boost for cold fusion which has been marginalized by the US scientific establishment. Such a conference can boost the prestige and image of LENR at a time when new advances in the field are being reported.

Another plus for the conference is the presence of scientists from all over the world. Big names in LENR on hand will be the University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. Michael McKubre, and Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT representing the USA. International scientists scheduled to be present include Dr. Xing Zhong Lie a professor Emeritus from the Department of Physics at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan a retired Nuclear Physicist from the Brabha Atomic Research Center in Mumbai, India, Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian who published first works on cold fusion in French, Dr. Vittorio Violante of the Italian Agency for Energy and Economic Development (ENEA), and Dr. Yashurio Iwamura who works at Mitsubishi’s Advanced Technology Research Center in Yokohama.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Matt Trevithick will lecture on entrepreneurship and innovation. Trevithick might just be the most guest at the conference because he works for Venrock the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family (yes they’re still around). Venrock provides seed money for new technology ventures so Trevithick is obviously there looking to see if LENR is a promising venture. Conspiracy theorists please don’t read too much into this, the Rockefellers don’t want to throttle LENR they want to invest in it to make more money.

Venrock has invested in a number of successful startups over the years including Apple Computer, Intel and DoubleClick. This is big time venture capital folks and it is exactly what LENR needs. Its interest in LENR is proof this technology is about to take off.

Hopefully Trevithick’s presence will lure some other LENR pioneers such as Robert Godes, Francesco Cellani, Francesco Piantelli, Andrea Rossi and George Miley to the conference. These inventors will be more interested in the cash Trevithick can provide than his presentation. It would also be nice if somebody from NASA such as Dennis Bushnell were on hand.

If you’re interested in LENR and want to see some important developments attend the ICCF-18. It might just be the most LENR conference yet.