Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction device is apparently ready for home heating purposes but not electric production. In posts on his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog Rossi admits that he is not ready for electric production. He also states that he is so confident that about the device’s ability to make heat that he is taking preorders for e-cat heaters. Rossi is not taking any money for e-cat units at this time.

The device is now heating water to temperatures of 400 Celsius (752 Fahrenheit for us backward Americans), Rossi has stated. That is more than enough for home heating purposes. He also stated that it will cost about 400€ or $517 in US dollars for an e-cat fusor that would generate 1 kilowatt of heat.

In a response to a writer named Chris, Rossi stated that it will be possible to connect an e-cat to a conventional gas heating system. He did not say whether it could be attached to a forced air heating system. Rossi also stated that the e-cat can now constantly produce enough heat to run a hot water heating system. Engineer Rossi also noted that the unit can be electronically controlled so it works just like other furnaces. This means that the system can be controlled by a thermostat just like the furnace you have now.

Rossi has not stated when these units will be available but he is expecting certification of his e-cat heating device in Fall 2012. Rossi did not say when the devices would be available or how they would be installed and serviced. Nor is there any indication that he has entered into any sort of agreement or deal with a manufacturer or distributor of furnaces or heating devices.

Rossi stated he plans to set up a network and sell one million e-cat units. He also said he will work with established heating and cooling companies. If you’re in the heating, air conditioning, boiler or plumbing business this could be a tremendous opportunity particularly for those companies that are facing lower cash flow because of the dismal homebuilding market in the USA. He writes:

• Andrea Rossi
January 1st, 2012 at 4:49 AM
Dear John Atkinson:
Wonderful 2012 to you.
Yes, we will count on the trusted heating and cooling companies of the Customers to install and assist. The Customers will give us the names, we will give the necessary instructions. This way we will rapidly set up an efficient network, which also will expand the sales.
Warm Regards,
Companies that wish to work with Rossi and the e-cat can contact him at:

So can those who wish to preorder the device.

If this is true it is very good news for Americans that are paying $3 a gallon for propane or $4 a gallon for heating oil to heat their homes. Particularly since the US Energy Information Administration expects prices for such fuels to rise in the near future. Even natural gas now costs $3 for a thermal unit. Unfortunately Rossi doesn’t know when he’ll be able to make electricity with e-cat.

It seems that there is hope for those who cannot afford to heat their homes. The video below features a woman and her daughter who had to move to a modern day Hooverville in the California desert because they could no longer afford to heat their home. It was featured on the CBS Evening News in the US a few weeks back.