A new website called e-cat Australia is apparently stirring up a little controversy Down Under. The site which went live last week is offering both the 1 megawatt industrial and 10 kilowatt domestic e-cat low energy nuclear reaction units. These units could generate one megawatt of heat or 10 kilowatts of heat.

The site allows individuals to pre-order a domestic e-cat unit which it says will be out next year. The site also states that you can purchase a one megawatt e-cat unit now. Online sources indicate that Andrea Rossi has apparently built such a unit but has not yet shipped it to a customer.

The site states that the e-cat can generate hot water with a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius or saturated steam with 103 degrees Celsius. It calls e-cat a hot water generator.

The most interesting information about eCat Australia is contained at the bottom of the site. Somebody named Roger Green is listed as the CEO and managing director of E-Cat Australia PTY LTD. Writing there states that this company is the exclusive dealer of E-Cat Technology for the following countries Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos Myanmar or Burma and unspecified Pacific Islands.

Roger Green Courtesy EcoGlobal Fuels

The site also claims that eCat can be used to create ethanol (alcohol) fuel. There is apparently a connection between eCat Australia and a company called EcoGlobal Fuels which claims it can manufacture a kind of Ethanol called Solanol from CO2 Emissions. Solanol could apparently be used as a vehicle fuel in place of gasoline or diesel fuel. Roger Green is listed as Cofounder and Director of EcoGlobal which claims to be based in Sydney and New York City.

If this is true it looks like this company is the first of Andrea Rossi’s licensees to go live with e-cat sales. It is unclear if there is any sort of connection between this company and Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. The site also contains an Official eCat brochure which calls ecat the “World’s First Fusion Energy Generator.”

The Brochure states that e-cat Australia Pty Ltd is based in Bondi Beach, Australia. An Australian website called the Register reported that e-Cat Australia was registered in North Bondi Australia to Roger George Green. The Register identified Roger George Green as the Director of the New Zealand School of Feng Shui in Takapuna, New Zealand. It also claimed that Green is a citizen or resident of New Zealand.

The School’s website identifies Green as one of the “world’s leading teachers of Feng Shui.” In addition to Feng Shui the school teaches courses in Horoscopes and Astrology. The school’s website gave little more information about Green. Instead it directed visitors to another site called Fengshuiseminars.com that did not appear to work.

The Register also addressed a few sensible questions to Green and his company. It asked how the company could sell a device that has not been publicly demonstrated in Australia and asked for customer references and independent experiments that replicate Rossi’s work. It’ll be interesting to see what Mr. Green’s response is if he responds.

It’s unclear if e-Cat Australia is a legitimate licensee or just an attempt to cash in. Since no e-Cat technology appears to be actually being shipped to customers it is hard to see what this website is selling. It should be noted that Andrea Rossi’s fans have created official e-cat websites that had nothing to do with him before. That could be the case here.