A Greek company now has permits to sell energy catalyzer based heating devices in at least one country. The same company, Defkalion Green Technologies should get a permit to sell energy catalyzer powered heating units in Greece in September, the company’s president told a Greek reporter.

Dekfalion should also have a demonstration unit of its Hyperion, energy catalyzer powered heating system up and running by early September, Alekos Xanthoulis said. Xanthoulis made the statement in an interview with a reporter for the Xanthi Press – the local newspaper in the town in northern Greece where Dekfalion’s production facilities are located. The demonstration unit should produce about 35 kilowats per hour.

The interview was also videotaped and posted on the web. It may have been broadcast on a local TV station as well.
Unfortunately it’s in Greek and the only translation available is a poor Google translation. If you want to watch you can.

The Next Big Future website reported that Xanthoulis said Dekfalion has permission to sell the Hyperion in an unidentified country. It also reported that he said it will get permission to sell in Greece in September. There was no confirmation of these statements posted on Dekfalion’s own website.

Dekfalion is apparently running into some opposition in Greece, local people have expressed fears that the company is building nuclear bombs. Not surprisingly there has also been some hysteria about radiation. Xanthoulis denied these rumors.

Alekos Xanthoulis being interivewed for the Xanthi Press

According to the Xanthi Press the first people should go to work at the Dekfalion factory in a few days. The facility should employ about 300 people. Dekfalion also plans to create a research institute in Xanthi that will employ around 12 scientists.

The production in Xanthi should also generate jobs in the USA. Andrea Rossi told EV World that the reactors for the Hyperion units would be built in Miami, Florida. Rossi’s company the Leonardo Corporation is based in the US.