Rossi and his parnter Sergio Focardi looking at e-cat results in Bologna

Production of the e-cat reactor is about to begin in Miami, Florida, according to Andrea Rossi himself. The most interesting of these come from Andrea Rossi himself. Signor Rossi is apparently making quite a bit of progress in harnessing the E-cat for commercial purposes. He has made some statements in his blog and in a pod cast with EV World. A transcript of the interview can be found here.

• Rossi told EV World that some components for the Defkalion Hyperion heating units (which will use e-cat technology) are being manufactured in Miami. Rossi also told EV World’s William Moore that he lives in Miami.

Andrea Rossi said e-cat will be manufactured in his hometown of Miami, Florida

• Rossi also said the reactors would be made in the United States . That would seem to indicate he has a US patent for his process or will get one soon. Rossi also spoke of huge production lines for e-cat products in Europe. Rossi did not say whether the reactors would be constructed by his Leonardo Corporation or AmpEnergo which has been formed to license e-cat in the Americas.

• Rossi said the first one megawatt e-cat reactor will be unveiled in October in Xanthi, Greece, which is where Defkalion’s factories are located. Components for the facility are being stress tested in Bologna, Italy.

• The cost of a Kilowatt of electricity from the e-cat will be 1¢ according to Rossi. He said his plant will produce one Kilowatt per hour.

• He also said that visits to the facility where he is constructing it are being restricted but didn’t say why. Presumably he is afraid of patent infringement.

• Rossi is entering into a contract with the University of Bologna to do research and development on e-cat technology. He did not say what this research and development would involve. Hopefully Rossi will let engineering students work with the e-cat to develop new technologies.

• Rossi will ask the University of Uppsala in Sweden to participate in the research as well.

• Rossi said the e-cat generator in October is being built to save thousands of dollars in the heating of his offices. It would also be used for research and development. This could mean the first one will be installed at his facility in Bologna.

• Rossi also said he has built an e-cat boiler which has heated his factory in Fariera, Italy, for about a year.

• Rossi said that he will try to create as many jobs as possible in Florida.