Wood burning boiler in Fairplay Colorado

Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer could make life a lot easier and more comfortable for tens of millions of ordinary people by greatly reducing heating costs. The Greek company Dekfalion Green Technologies has recognized this and developed an e-cat powered heating system called the Hyperion.

This system is apparently based on an e-cat boiler that Rossi has been using to heat his workshop in Northern Italy for over a year. Dekfalion hopes to begin selling the Hyperion system in Europe late this year. So far there are no plans to bring the Hyperion to America. The American company formed to license the e-cat technologies AmpEnergo has not released any specific plans for the technology.

The Energy Catalyzer could be a huge breakthrough in heating because of its costs. Obviously we do not know what it will cost to buy, install and operate the e-cat. Yet statements from Rossi himself indicate it could be much cheaper than other heat sources.

Rossi has said it would cost about 1 cent to generate a kilowatt hour of electricity with the e-cat. The Nebraska Public Power District a utility that sells electricity in the US estimates that its customers pay 5¢ per kilowatt hour for electricity. If Rossi’s figure is correct the cost of heating a home with electricity from the e-cat would be one fifth that of heating with electricity purchased from the grid. It would cost the average family about $5,545 a year to heat with electricity from the grid.

That means many American families that can’t afford to heat with electricity could do so with the e-cat. If families used steam generated by e-cat to heat they could save even more money because steam heat is among the most efficient. Even a forced air furnace using energy catalyzer technology could be more efficient and cheaper to operate than a gas forced air furnace.

Now we don’t know what the costs of using the e-cat to heat with will be. Rossi has said he would save thousands of dollars heating his offices in Bologna, Italy, with an e-cat. Yet the savings would be substantial when compared with other kinds of energy.

The most common heating fuel in the United States is natural gas, it costs the average family $1,889 to heat their home with natural gas. The e-cat could cut that in half the family would save around $945 a year. If the family heated with the next most common fuel propane, they could save far more. It costs around $3,088 to heat with propane (propane costs more because it has to be trucked in). That means the e-cat could increase the income of a rural family that heats with propane by $2,000 or more a year.

Just these savings alone would help a family great improve its lifestyle. It would also eliminate large amounts of air pollution and greenhouse gases. All the popular methods of heating generate such gases. Propane generates more gases because of the trucks required to haul propane to the consumer’s house. Natural gas also requires drilling methods such as fracking which can be environmentally destructive as well.

Heating costs are now so high that many families in rural areas have gone back to cutting firewood for heat. This too is destructive, dangerous and it generates a lot of air pollution. Wood is not an option for the elderly and the disabled or people who have to work full time.

The energy catazlyer will greatly improve the lives of many American and Canadian families. I hope the Hyperion heating unit gets here soon because a lot of working families need it. Nobody should have to spend a fortune simply to keep warm. Yet many people do because of the limitations of our present heating technology.